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IKEA Sundvik Crib Product Review

The Ikea Sundvik Crib is easy to assemble and it is not expensive.  It’s a standard crib that weighs in at 55 pounds.  People who are looking to save money might want to give this baby crib a good look.

If you were born 30 years or so ago, this may have been the type of baby crib you used.  It has slats and is made simply with a sturdy construction.  Typically this type of crib is long lasting.  These types are often handed down from generation to generation. The only problem with handing down simple and standard cribs, like this one, is that you have to keep an eye on safety standards.  The standards are constantly changing. 

For example, what is considered a safe distance in slats, changes as we know more about safety.  Also, we now know that drop down crib sides are no longer considered safe.  It is recommended to not buy used, old cribs at garage sales for this very reason.   But, thankfully, this Ikea Sundvik Crib has met all of the 2017 crib standards.  So if you do choose to buy this crib, you can purchase it without worrying about your baby’s safety.

If you are wanting a crib to move from room to room, then this crib may not be the one you want.  Standard type cribs such as this Ikea Sundvik Crib, are made to stay in one place.  Standard cribs also lack extra features that some of the other cribs have.  But, if you are wanting a sturdy crib to stay put in one room at an affordable price, then keep reading!

Best Features of The Product 

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