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How to Include Your Baby Bump on Your Big Day

Find out that you are expecting an extra guest at your wedding that will be in your tummy? Whether your pregnancy was planned or not, be sure to incorporate your newest family member in the wedding. Here are some cute ways to incorporate both your baby bump and your baby on your big day!

Bump Up the Wedding Photos

Although this is an obvious choice, there are so many ways that you can include your bump in your photos that can be both obvious and understated. Especially if you have a form fitting dress, your baby bump will add a preciousness to your photos. You can take any photo such as having your groom cradle you baby bump to having a silhouette photo that capture all of your new mommy curves. However you choose to take the photos, they will be sure to be special and will make your future child smile when see how you incorporated them in your wedding.

 Announce the Good News

Did you find out about your pregnancy less than a month before the wedding? Are you not showing? By keeping your pregnancy a secret up until the wedding, the ceremony or reception might be the perfect place to announce your good news! This way you will be able to tell everyone at once and a new excitement will be added to your already big day.

Keep them Guessing

You can incorporate a fun game at your wedding that will have your guests guessing the gender, date of birth, and weight of the baby when it comes into the world. This can be a fun game that can get your guests excited and talking about the birth of your child. You can even offer a prize to the person who guesses the exact or the closest gender, date of birth, and weight. After this game, your baby is definitely going to have its own fan club and following.

Get a Two-for-One



By taking photos with your baby bump the day of the wedding, your wedding photos could double as a birth announcement when they are released. Not only will it be fun and exciting for you and your fiance to keep your pregnancy a secret during your wedding day, but it will also be fun to see how everyone reacts when they realize you guys pulled one over on them. This is also a great way to save money because you only have to higher a photographer once. Be sure to take initiative on this two-for-one deal!

Include it in the Cake



There are so many opportunities for your baby to be incorporated in the cake. First off, you can have a cute wedding topper that includes you with a pregnant belly with your groom. Second, you could have baby cakes or cake pops instead of having a traditional, huge wedding cake. This will not only save you money, but it will also draw attention to how you and your groom are looking into the future by adding a family member.

You could also reveal the gender in the cake. This will add a whole other factor to the excitement of when you and your groom cut the cake. The cake at your wedding has many possibilities to include you baby bump.

The excitement of a baby coming into your family is going to be all over you and your fiance’s face as you guys get married on your wedding day. Not only will you have that “motherly glow” about you, but you will have a smile that will be impossible to get rid of. When it comes to including your baby bump on your wedding day, be sure to go big or go home.

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