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Tips To Include Your Dad In The Big Day

Sometimes when wedding planning we are super excited to include our girls, our mom, and, our mother-in-law in with our plans and the endeavors that we will make with our big day. But what about dear old dad? You’re his little girl (and always will be), so how can we include him in on our big day without over stepping his boundaries and wreaking havoc on his traditions?

The Decorations

Dad is handy and he can do anything when he puts his mind to it, right? So ask for his help when it comes to making the decor. Whether he needs power tools or just his hard working hands, he can do whatever, if you give him specific directions!

You can bond over the decorations and about when you were a little girl. “Hey, dad! Remember when I used to help you with all your projects at home?” Reminisce about those good times and have a blast learning and loving together.


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The Food

Food? Did someone mention food? Dad will be right there waiting for the first taste testing meal to make it’s appearance in front of him. He won’t say no to taste testing the meal that you are thinking of having for your reception. And he will be honest about it too (“Kid, this isn’t that great… go with this instead!).

The Music

Have dad put his two cents in on the style of music. Incorporating his style in with yours can not only relate to the older generations, but also this can make for more of an appealing dance floor. He may choose songs that you wouldn’t have thought of to really get the party going!



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The Song

Not just any song… THE SONG. The song he will dance to with his little girl. Your dad will have thoughts about this.. Truly, he will. Give him the opportunity to choose what he dances to with you. You may be surprised and very emotional with what he chooses.

A song can say so much and he may not be able to say what he wants to say in words. Listen carefully to the song to hear his message to you if he isn’t very expressive with his words.

The Dress


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This is a tricky one… Dad may be traditional and may not want to see you until your big day. But give him the option to help choose your dress when you go dress shopping. He may not have an opinion on all the fluffy gowns that you try on, but he will surely know when he sees you in the “one” that it is indeed, the one.


Don’t count your dad out for all those things that you may not consider him normally for. He will be thrilled to be a part of your big day. He will enjoy making new memories with you and cherishing them forever. Think outside the box when it comes to dad, you are his little girl after all!

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