Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing Product Review

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The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat converts from a baby swing to a vibrating seat with an easy lock.  The slim fold design folds flat for easy storage or travel.  The batteries that are used in this baby swing are powered by Hybrid Rive Technology which are made to last 3 times longer than regular batteries.  The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing-2-Seat has a 5 swing speed plus vibrations.  Also included are 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds with volume control.

The swing timer has 3 settings of either 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  Whisper quiet technology allows your baby to swing in silence.  Because of the 5 point harness and non-slip feet for security, your baby will be safe while he or she relaxes.

The seat pad and head support are easily cleaned.  The seat cover and seat colors are gender neutral. 

This swing weighs 9 pounds and has dimensions of 9 x 21.5 x 22 inches.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Safety
  • Durability 

Most Talked About Features

As of this writing, the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing had 312 reviews left by customers and 117 answered questions left on Amazon.  I've read through the reviews and answered questions.  The results have been condensed into this report.  I hope that this makes your baby swing shopping experience a bit easier.


baby swings

Parents overall felt like this swing was durable.  Here is just one sample of the customer comments on durability,

"Really easy to assemble. Very durable."

Ease of Installation

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Some swings can take awhile to assemble.  As reflected by customers who bought and put this swing together, this is not one of those swings.  Here is just one of the comments on the ease of installation,

"Overall it was easy to put together, easy to clean, comfortable, and quiet. I will recommend this swing to parents."  

And another on ease of installation,

"This thing is so cute! We were excited so we put it together a bit early. Was easy to assemble and fabric feels very nice."


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The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing utilizes a 5 point harness to keep your little one safe.  I wasn't seeing any safety issues to be concerned with based on parent feedback. Here is what one parent had to say about safety, 

"Overall, the swing was easy to put together, is constructed for safety, and works like a traditional swing."

Here is one parent who commented on the safety and the straps,

"I love that it has shoulder straps since my little man has figured out how to push backwards and LOVES to do back-bends over things..  feel much safer about running upstairs and leaving him in it."


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The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing is one of the least expensive baby swings on the market.  Most people love a good deal.  Here is what one parent had to say about the price, 

"I compared many swings and really think this was the best option for the price and durability."

There are other swings that may be more durable, have a lot more features with all of the bells and whistles, but keep in mind this swing is low priced.


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A big selling point with the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing is that it does not take up a lot of space.  Some swings can take up a lot space.  Big and bulky swings can be hard to transport or move from room to room.  This baby swing, however, is small at just 9 x 21.5 x 22 inches.  Parents liked the convenience of having a swing that was easy to move around and one that didn't take up too much space.

Here is what one parent had to say about the size,

"I LOVE that it takes up no more space than a bed pillow. We are, for now, in a 16x22 attached garage so space is limited!!  It's very light and folds up easily for take along or storage."


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This a basic baby swing with nothing out of the ordinary in terms of swing features. Because it is inexpensive, the features are very basic. The reviews showed that parents were pleased with the features.  Here is one of the comments on the features of this swing, 

"Swing works great, music is all right, folds up easily, cleans in the washer nicely and we haven't had to change the batteries in the swing section yet. Our son is 4 months old. In short, it does as advertised."

Here is another comment on the features of the Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing that was left by a grandparent,

"I bought this for my "now" 4 month old grandson. Such a great purchase! It plays nice music and has a vibration feature to soothe a fussy baby. Well worth the money!"

My Conclusion 

The Ingenuity ConvertMe Ridgedale Swing is a basic swing.  Nothing fancy or extra is included in comparison to other baby swings. Consequently the price was low, and parents appreciated that.  It is a safe swing with a 5 point harness.  It is also very low to the ground, so you don't have to worry about someone or something bumping the swing over with your baby on-board.  The customer comments reflected that this swing was easy to put together.  So in summary, I'd say you can't go wrong with this baby swing purchase if you are looking for a basic and inexpensive swing.

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