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Things You Probably Didn’t Think About When Planning An Intimate Wedding

When you know you know. Getting married is simple.. Really, it is! When you get married, you don’t have to have a big to-do. You don’t have to have ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen, your guest list doesn’t have to be a mile long. We know tons of people and we want them to share our big day with us. But how do we create a more intimate event?

Does Intimate Mean Small?

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Intimate does not mean small. In this case, intimate means, only inviting those whom are close friends and family. That does not mean you have to invite your entire family or list of friends, you can if you like, but if you wish to keep this event more of an intimate event, then choose wisely.

How Small Is Small?

The smaller the ceremony and reception, the more likely you will have an intimate event. Having smaller numbers also keeps the bill down for other areas of your event. Usually no more than 75 guests is good number. That is a reasonable number to deal with for each side.


Understand that you are going to have hurt feelings. With keeping your guest list to a minimum, there are going to be those that think that they should be included in your big day that won’t “make the cut” and there will be those that understand.

Be prepared to face those feelings and be honest with your group of people that didn’t quite make the cut. Don’t let them think that you don’t care about them. Let them be aware that you have a certain budget that you wish to maintain. Even though it doesn’t take the hurt away, it will let them know that they didn’t get an invite because of financial reasons (let’s face it, everyone can relate with that problem) and not because of an attack on their personality.

86 the Alcohol

Let’s face it, alcohol is really just a nuisance. A lot of the time people don’t have modesty or limits with their alcoholic excursions. If I planned a wedding and reception, I would want people to remember my big day and not the memory of the a hangover.

Ask For Help

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Ask for help from family members, friends, and the bridal party. You can make your big day more than just a day. By asking for help you get the intimacy and memories of knowing that your family members helped with a multitude of things for your big day.

DIY your decorations, your invitations, and your favors. By doing this and asking for help from you family and friends, gives you the opportunity to get to know your in-laws, your in-laws will have the chance to get to know your family as well.

Be Specific

On your invites, be specific. If you only wish to have certain people there in effort to keep your ceremony and reception on a more intimate level then you need to be sure to specify who is invited. For example, if your cousin is single and doesn’t have a significant other, only address it to him/her (Mr. John Doe/Miss Jane Doe).


Pick a venue that has it all. When your guests arrive, they will be anxious to see the bride and rushing to give thanks and congratulate. Having a venue that has the ceremony and reception all in one will allow for more time for your guests to just mingle.


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Ask your photographers if your guests can be involved in your photos. You invited them for a reason and you will surely wish to have them in the photos. Why not take a big group photo? You photographer may need special equipment for a vast shot such as this one so just prepare them that this may be something that you’re interested in (when doing so, you will also need to know a head count, this will signal how many people your photographer will be working with).

Have Fun

Remember throughout the whole process you need to have fun and enjoy yourself. Mingle with all your guests. Be sincere and thank them for attending. Take pictures with them, dance with them, and just have a blast.


So, having an intimate wedding doesn’t mean you will have a small wedding, but you can surely see the efforts made for putting an intimate wedding together. Be sure to make your personality shine through for your big day. Share it with your closest family and friends and you’ll have the best darn intimate wedding there will be around! Happy planning!


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