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The JOOVY Foodoo High Chair features a leatherette seat pad that is soft and wipes down easily.  This chair has 8 height adjustable positions with 5 recline positions. For the footrest, it has 2 adjustable positions.  The one-hand, 2 position adjustable tray is dishwasher safe.  This high chair can hold a child up to 50 pounds. Only one hand is needed to fold it up. The JOOVY Foodoo High Chair was made to move easily from one room to another.  High quality rubber wheels makes rolling a breeze.

The dimensions of this chair are 27.5 x 21 x 42 inches with a weight of 26 pounds.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Multiple Height Adjustments
  • Able To Fold for Storage
  • Able to Recline
JOOVY Foodoo High Chair, Black
  • Easy-to-clean leatherette seat pad is soft and wipes clean
  • 8 height adjustable positions, 5 recline positions, 2 footrest positions. Holds a child up to 50 lbs, one-hand standing fold
  • One-hand, 2-position adjustable tray with dishwasher-safe insert

As of this writing there were 38 customer comments and 26 answered questions left on Amazon.  I've read through the comments for you and condensed the results into this report. I hope that this review helps you to pick out a high chair that meets your needs.

Most Talked About Features: 

Ease of Cleaning

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The ease of cleaning had mixed results with the parents.  Most liked that the leatherette material cleaned up fairly easy.  However, some of the other parts of the tray were questionable since there were little parts that trapped food.  Here is a positive comment followed by a somewhat negative comment, 

"The fake leather is soft and easy to clean, so long as food doesn't get in the stitching, then it can be hard to clean."  

And a comment about cleaning the tray,

"Would be five stars if the seat cover actually came off for sanitizing. Cleaning its nooks and crannies is difficult."


high chair

Some high chairs recline. The JOOVY Foodo High Chair is one of them.  Parents liked this feature.  Here is one of the comments about the recline option,

"We really liked that it has so many recline positions, it was very helpful when our baby was young and just starting to eat solid foods because it helped her to be in a reclined position when eating. The one-push button makes changing the recline position really easy to do. "


high chair

The price for the JOOVY Foodo High Chair is about middle of the road.  Parents were not complaining about the price.  Here is one of the comments on how much they paid for this high chair,

"I would recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably priced highchair with all the features you need for a new born. Raises, tilts, and folds."


high chair

The nice thing about the material on the JOOVY Foodo High Chair is that it wipes down easily.  This should be an essential in all high chairs in my opinion.  Children can be very messy when they eat.  Here is one of the comments on the material of this high chair,

"The leather-like material wipes down great, no need to even put it in the washing machine!"


high chair

The dimensions of this chair are 27.5 x 21 x 42 inches with a weight of 26 pounds. This is a rather heavy and large chair, but keep in mind that it does fold up.  


high chair

Most of the features were well liked with this high chair.  However, there was one negative feature that kept resurfacing in the comments.  And that was that the tray had nowhere to hang when the chair was folded up. Here are just a couple of those comments, 

"This is ALMOST perfect. Only thing this needs is a hook to hang the tray when I take it off to put my little guy in it."  

And another, 

"The only downside is that once I want to put it away there is nowhere to place the tray."

The most popular feature of this chair is the adjustable height feature.  Here is one of the many comments on the height adjustment feature,

"This is great for babies that don't sit upright yet to bottle feed. The height can go low to the ground to sit next to the couch, table height, or standing in the kitchen."


high chair

The JOOVY Foodo High Chair is made to fold up easily.  It also has wheels so that it can be easily pushed out of the way or from room to room.  Some of the parents purchased this chair because of the foldability factor. Here is just one of the comments about this feature, 

"The JOOVY folds up very nicely and the height can be adjusted easily. We don't need to adjust the height for our use, but it does help when storing it." 

My Conclusion 

Overall, the JOOVY Foodo High Chair seems like a durable and nice chair that has the ability to fold.  It scored pretty well with parents, with the exception that there is nowhere to hang the tray when folded up. The price is about middle of the road as far as high chairs go.  It is a bit larger and heavy, but keep in mind that it takes up less space when folded. It's nice that it has wheels on it for moving from room to room.  The best feature as reflected by customer comments, is that it has multiple height adjustments.  A baby can sit up at a tall table and then be lowered for play time.  If you want a foldable high chair for a middle of the road price, I'd say you can't go wrong with this one.

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