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Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera Product Review

The Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera has a two-way audio with built in speakers and an anti-noise filter inside. The Motion Detection/Tracking Algorithm identifies, tracks, and records movement so that you can watch any movement.  It will also send you notifications whenever movement is detected.  The Night Vision is up to 8 meters via auto IR-LED illumination.

The audio is two way.  This means that can talk back and forth with your baby.  The specifics on the screen images is full HD 1080P for the video with 2.0 megapixels.  This monitor utilizes three kinds of image resolutions which include 1080P(1920×1080) , VGA (640×480), and QVGA(320×240).

Another feature is that this monitor has support recording and playback via local microSD Card (maximum 64G SD card).  You can receive real-time notifications whenever motion is detected.  The monitor will also send alarm notifications whenever motion is detected.

The screen image is a 90 degree wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 340 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical rotation range to complete a 360 degree coverage.  This monitor takes 1 lithium ion battery.

Best Features of The Product 

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As of this writing the Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera had 407 customer reviews and 128 answered questions on Amazon.  This is a decent amount of feedback to get a good feel for this baby monitor.  To save you time, I’ve read the results and condensed them here.


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I was surprised that out of 407 comments, no one commented on the durability of this monitor.  But that usually means that there were no problems with durability, if there are no complaints.


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

The Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera was well liked by many for it’s features.  I tried to pick out comments that reflected what many were saying.

Here is one such comment,  

“A useful little object. I needed something like this so that I can check up on my little son when I am in the kitchen or doing something else. It is extremely easy to connect to my phone, and works over wireless meaning I can use this camera even when I am out. Moreover, the picture quality is very crisp, even the night vision works very well. It can also swivel around on the spot, so I can see the whole room when I need to. The extra king wire means I can place the camera wherever I need to in the room. Overall, I would highly recommend this product due to its great functionality and ease of use.”


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When you purchase something for your most prized possession (your little one), you want to know it’s reliable, otherwise it’s a waste of money. The Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera scores high in this area.  Here is one of the comments on reliability, 

“Reliable piece of equipment.Love the app and camera is very easy to control on phone. Very good communicating. Very professional company and product and extremely great discount price. 100% worth the price!”


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

The weight of the Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera is 1 pound.  The dimensions are 8.4 x 4.5 x 6.3 inches.  Overall, customers were pleased with this size.  Here is one comment on the size of this monitor,

“The size of the camera is just right, can be easily placed anywhere without too much attention.”  


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Perhaps the biggest asset of baby monitors is the peace of mind that it provides for parents.  Parents want their babies to be safe and well watched.  This monitor provides that assurance.  Here is one comment that represents many others on the topic of safety,

“I loved secretly watching my kids when I’m at work. I feel safe, looking at them knowing they are safe. It was also very easy to install the camera and then downloading the app on my phone. So, it wasn’t very difficult to prepare the camera. Overall, I really loved this and really recommend it.”

Ease of Set Up

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One of the most used words when reading the reviews were “easy to set up”.  I just kept reading it over and over.   People get very frustrated when something takes a long time to set up.  This is not one of those products.   You should have no problem setting up the Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera quickly.


baby monitor, top-10-baby-monitors/

Customers who bought the Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera have all commented that it is a good price. There were a lot of positive comments on the price of this monitor.  Some people were hesitant to buy it because they felt that the price was too low and consequently would not be a good product.  However, those people were pleasantly surprised when they started using the monitor.  

My Conclusion 

The Keekoon 1080P Wireless/Wired IP Camera is a quality camera for a great price.  It has already provided peace of mind to many parents that can now watch their babies even while in another room.  The set up is easy and the price is right. I hope that my review helps you as you look to purchase the best baby monitor for your child. 

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