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Keep the Kids Interested with these Creative Ideas

Being a kid at a wedding was always hard, there wasn’t anything that was really specifically catered to you besides being able to have a kid’s menu for the reception. A lot of the time spent at weddings for kids is consumed by sitting at the kid’s table or with their parents. Here are some fresh, fun ideas to include in your wedding that will keep the kids active and interested while their parents are dancing the night away.

Tattoo Parlor

This creative kid table activity will be a hit. It is cheap, fun, and easy to do without the help of adults. You could even get temporary tattoos specially made for your wedding, featuring your initials or a picture, which will add a special, unique touch to the tattoo station. You might even find some grownups getting “inked” with the little squirts because of how cool this idea is.

Bubbles Galore

Having a bubble station at your ceremony and reception is a genius way to keep kids constantly entertained. They will have fun blowing, popping, and chasing bubbles around while their parents enjoy your wedding. Make sure to include a bubble refill station so that they don’t run out of soap and interest.

Coloring Station

A coloring station is a must have at the wedding. Coloring can keep both kids and adults occupied for hours, in this case mostly kids. By grabbing some crayons, markers, and other supplies at a local store, you can create a table that kids can color all night. To make this station even better, you can also have coloring books laid out for them to color and be able to take home by the end of the night. You will be left with a masterpiece by the time your reception is over and the kids will leave with satisfaction and memories.

Sweet Tooth Table

Satisfy the smaller guest’s sweet tooth wth this cookies and milk station. Eating a huge cookie will make their night and give them a huge sugar rush. Be sure to have a special sign saying “KIDS ONLY” so that grownups don’t try to sneak a bite out of this mouth-watering dessert.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are so much fun and easy to create. This idea is especially good if you are planning on having an outside wedding. You can either choose to get items and place them around your venue or you can put things that can easily found in nature and around your wedding, like a pinecone or a certain shaped stone. If your kids are older and more in touch with technology, you can have them embark on a photo scavenger hunt by having them take a photo with the bride and groom and/or at dinner.

Wedding Piñata

A wedding piñata is something that both the young and old can have fun participating in and watching. Piñatas are a party staple that kids will all run towards no matter what is in it. Fill your wedding piñata with candy, confetti, toys, or all of the above. Be sure to distribute bags for the kids to keep their stash in when picking up the contents of your wedding piñata after it has been broken.

Your wedding will be a hit with the kids if you implement some of all of these fun ideas. These entertaining elements of your wedding that cater to the young and young at heart will create a cool vibe to your big day. Your day is sure to be remembered by the kids and their families because of how you catered to those who are young in spirit.

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