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Kids Workshop: Lakeshore Learning

Every Saturday Lakeshore Learning Stores offer free activities for kids aged 3 and up.  Activities range from games, arts and crafts, puzzles, blocks, educational software, and more.  The workshops are designed to teach kids, while keeping it all fun.

The activities are the same around the country for each Saturday.  For example, on February 10th, the scheduled activity is "Bee My Valentine."  The kids will be making bee themed Valentine crafts.  Other activities coming up in February include a sweet dreams dreamcatcher and a cool cat paper puppet.

A parent or guardian must remain at the class with their child. If your child is old enough and can complete the activity alone, you can sit back and enjoy watching the instructor take over.  However, if you child is very young or just needs extra help, parents are supposed to step in and help their own child.

Make-At-Home Options

If you can't make the class, or maybe would just prefer making a craft at home, Lakeshore has the directions for each craft on their website.  This is a great option for flu season when kids everywhere are sick.  Simply click on the scheduled Saturday workshop and the website will go through what you will need to complete the craft along with full directions.


  • Workshops are free
  • Kids can learn while having fun


  • Lakeshore products are fairly expensive.  Many parents commented that they had a hard time getting out of the store before they spent more than they planned.

What Other People Are Saying

Lakeshore Learning

"This place has great crafts for the kids and they’re weekly."

"I like the employees that I encounter every time I go. They are very nice and super helpful."

Cost and Process to Join

Lakeshore Learning

Sign up at any Lakeshore Store.  No reservation is required.  To find out what activities are scheduled, you can either call your local store or look at the Lakeshore website.

Customer Service

Lakeshore Learning

Most of the feedback left about Lakeshore Learning was from teachers who shop at the store to shop. I'd say over 95% of the feedback was from teachers and most all was positive. There wasn't much to be found about customer service with the workshops.  With that being said, I also didn't find any negatives being said about the workshops.

My Conclusion 

The Lakeshore Children Workshops are held every Saturday at all Lakeshore stores across at the country. The activities look very simple and are mostly paper types of crafts.  You can find what activity is going to be happening at your local Lakeshore Store by looking at the Lakeshore website or stopping by your local store.  All the activities are the same at each location for a given date.  If for some reason you cannot make the scheduled activity but still want your child to participate in the craft, the website will walk you through the simple directions for the craft.  However, if you do want to go to the store for the activity, just show up as there are no reservations taken or required.  Parents will be expected to stay with their children for the duration of the activity.  These Saturday craft events are for ages 3 and up. I hope that my review has introduced you to a new way to entertain your children this weekend. 

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