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Meaningful Last-Minute Communication Before the Wedding Ceremony

Now a days, some couples stage a reveal before the ceremony. While this pre-wedding ritual is becoming increasingly popular, there is still something special about a groom catching the first look of his bride as she walks down the aisle.

1. Write a letter

Pen the letter in your own handwriting. No matter how messy it is, your groom will love how your unique penmanship reflects you, the woman he loves. Likewise, if you have time, opt for a handmade card rather than anything you can pick up at the store. Even the most expensive card is not as meaningful as the most messy and visually lacking creation of yours. In this card, you can write whatever you want. Speak from the heart. You can maintain a humorous tone if you know your man is going to be nervous on the big day. You can list the reasons why you love him. You can confess your excited anticipation for your big day and the life you have to look forward together.

2. Send a gift

gift sent to groom

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Another fairly common form of pre-wedding communication is a gift sent from the bride to groom or vice versa. This gift could be a piece of food you know your man will appreciate. It could be a piece of attire he can wear for your big day. It can be something he has been wanting for a long time. It can be a gift to be used at a later point in time. No matter what you choose, select something that is meaningful. Don’t give him a gift just because it is traditional or expected. Choose something that shows your soon-to-be husband how well you know him and that you’re thinking of him on your big day. Any effort will be much appreciated and treasured. To spark your thoughts for gifts or to purchase some for your groom, click here — think watches, cuff links, sunglasses, flasks, wallets, pocket knives, and more!

3. Send photos

Sending photos is an example of a gift you can send your groom on the morning of your wedding day. Maybe the pictures are from early in your relationship. Maybe they are ones that will put a smile on your groom’s face. Maybe they are throwback photos from your childhood. Maybe they are sexy photos for his eyes only. You can compile pictures like these in a small scrapbook, frame, or card. A picture can both speak a thousand words and leave your groom speechless.

4. Make him breakfast

breakfast from bride

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They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, right? Even though you’ve already secured his heart, you can still satisfy his stomach by sending him and his groomsmen breakfast on the morning of the wedding. You can make some homemade muffins the night before to send his way or an omelette just the way he likes it. If making food is not your strong suit or sending food presents a difficulty, you can order room service or have breakfast delivered.

4. Say a prayer

praying before the wedding ceremony

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No matter how excited you and your groom are about your big day, nerves are inevitable. Spending time with each other is the best way to receive reassurance that you are taking the right step and that everything is going to be okay. In order to prevent making a reveal before the ceremony, stand on opposite sides of a door or doorway. You can hold hands and each lift up a prayer. Not only will the presence of the other calm your nerves, but you can commit your wedding and marriage to the Lord. There is no better way to start off your first day as a wife than with prayer.

5. Sing a song

groom singing to bride before wedding

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If either you or your betrothed are musically inclined, a very meaningful form of last-minute communication is a song. A song can put things into words that you are unable to express out of the excitement of the big day. Just as with the prayer, place yourselves on either side of a door or wall as one sings a song to the other. This song can be a complete original, slightly improvised, or just a cover. It can be funny, quintessential of your relationship, or tear-jerking.

While you will need to ask friends to deliver any letters or gifts, you should otherwise strive to keep all last-minute communication strictly between the bride and groom. A photographer can take a couple pictures of the meaningful moment, but try to place everyone at least out of hearing distance in order to create complete intimacy. These pre-ceremony ideas are only the beginning of a beautiful day, but are sure to start your day off on the right tone as you and your soon-to-be husband meet together, united, and completely in love.

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