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Kids Workshop Review: LEGO

The LEGO Stores have several different types of events for kids.  The events range from birthday parties, building events, and events where you can meet other LEGO enthusiasts.

Birthday Parties

A LEGO birthday party at a LEGO store can be for between 5 to 10 guests including the birthday child.  The required age range is between 5 to 14 years of age.  Birthday parties typically run from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.  During the party, kids will participate in personalized building activities, guided model building, competitive group building challenges, and filling a large Pick-a-Brick cup at the Pick and Build Wall.  These are the most popular activities that happen at kids birthday parties, but there are more activities to choose from.

Included with your child’s party will be 2 Brick Specialists to host the party, a party room, party favors for all of the kids in attendance, a special gift for the birthday child, invitations and thank you cards for all of the guests, and a group photo.  Parents normally bring the food, such as a birthday cake and ice cream.

To sign your child up for a birthday party, go to a LEGO store and a staff member called a Brick Specialist will help to sign you up.  Make sure to schedule your party as soon as possible because dates for parties can get booked up.  There will be a fee for the birthday party.  Each store will let you know how much the parties are.  Parties cost a $100 lump sum and then $40 per child.  The $100 is due when scheduling the party and the rest is due on the day of the party.  

Monthly Mini Model Build At  A LEGO Store

To have your child go to a monthly mini build, you will need to sign them up in advance to pick a time for the build.  Every month is a different model.  Your child will get to take their mini model home.  There is no fee for the monthly mini builds.   Spaces are limited for each store, so it’s a good idea to sign up early.  Visit the LEGO website to register.

LEGO Life Meetings

LEGO Life Meetings are designed so that kids can meet other LEGO builders.  There will be a fee charged for these meetings.  During LEGO Life Meetings, kids will build something that they can take home.


  • LEGO building is educational.
  • The mini model builds are free events.
  • Kids get to take home the model that they built with no cost involved.
  • Kids get to meet other kids who share a liking for LEGO building


  • Cost for birthday parties is $100 for the party and $40 per child
  • Birthday parties are limited to 10 guests.
  • Spaces are limited for the mini model builds (sign up early)
  • LEGO Life Meetings have a cost associated with them

What Other People Are Saying


“We attended our first Lego Club meeting at Guildford Town Centre in March. For $10 per child (per club meeting) the kids get into the store from 9-10am (an hour before it actually opens). No longer do we need to stand in line for an hour+ to get the monthly Lego build…that alone is worth $10 per child.”

“The BEST part of the Lego Club meeting is the fact that, in addition to bringing home the monthly build, the kids are allowed to fill up a box with treasures from the Pick-A-Brick wall.  We brought home WAY MORE than $10 worth of Lego!”

“An experienced parent gave us a great tip. If you click the Lego together, before placing them in the box, you can get way more Lego into the box. Our kids weren’t remotely motivated by the quantity of Lego; they were just intrigued by filling their box with interesting new pieces.”

Cost and Process to Join


To schedule a birthday party for your child, you will need to go to a store and schedule the party.  Be prepared to have a $100 deposit at the time of party registration.  On the day of the birthday party, $40 per child will be due.

For the mini build events at the store, you must have a registered LEGO VIP email address. If you do not have one, you can create one for free on the LEGO website. Because of safety regulations and standards, participants must be between the ages of 6-14. The mini model must be completely built in store.  Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis and quantities are limited.  The mini builds are free to join and participate in.

Customer Service


From what I’ve read, the staff, called Brick Specialists, at LEGO stores are very helpful.

My Conclusion 

LEGO has 3 main types of events that kids can attend.  They are LEGO birthdays, monthly mini builds, and life meetings.  The birthdays cost $100 plus $40 per child with a required number of 5 to 10 guests.  The monthly mini builds are free and your child will get to take home what they made.  The Life meetings typically cost $10 are designed for kids to meet like-minded kids with an interest in LEGO building.  At the Life Meetings your child will get to make something that he or she takes home.  As with all of the events, it is a good idea to sign up early. I recommend taking your child to one of these events if they have discovered a love for LEGOS. 

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