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A Letter To My Dad On My Wedding Day

He was the first man you loved.

Dear Daddy, 

I know that no one is sadder to see this day come than you. This is the day I officially stop being your little girl. But, even though that’s what you think, I will never truly stop being your little girl. You were the first man who showed me what love was and protected me from all the real and figurative monsters in my life. From checking under the bed each night so I could go to sleep, to taking dance lessons with me for the wedding, you have always supported and loved me. 

Thank you for always being my biggest encourager, number one fan, and saying the best corny jokes. I knew what I wanted in the man I would marry from watching you love and treasure mom every day. You were the reason I always had such high standards. 

You are still going to be such a big part of my life. We will come to visit, we will bring gifts for Christmas, and I’ll still call you every Sunday night. I’ll still need you to wipe away my tears when I cry and need your expert advice when I don’t know what to do next. Having a husband will never change that.  

I know that you don’t want to cry, and you have to pretend that you have it all together today, but I know how sad you really are. You are my everything, Daddy, thanks for letting me be your little girl forever. 


Your Daughter  


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