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Auto Insurance Review: Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (also known for short as Liberty Mutual) is an auto insurance provider serving most states across the nation. They are the seventh-largest auto insurer based on direct premiums written in 2016.  Liberty Mutual also offers insurance policies for life, accidents, critical illness, identity theft, pet, tuition, and small business.  The policy premiums from Liberty Mutual are slightly higher than most of the other car insurance providers.   They offer standard auto insurance coverage such as Bodily Injury Liability, Medical Payments (Personal Injury Protection), Uninsured Motorist, Comprehensive Physical Damage, Collision, and Property Damage Liability.

Liberty Mutual also offers the following special coverage options:


Better Car Replacement:  If your vehicle is totalled, Liberty Mutual will give you the money for a better car that’s one model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles.

Rental Car Reimbursement:  If you are involved in an accident, they will pay for the cost of a rental car for as long as it takes to fix your car at a Liberty Mutual-approved repair facility.

Accident Forgiveness: With this feature, your price won’t go up due to your first accident.  Liberty Mutual offers this benefit if you are both accident free and violation free for five years.

Deductible fund:  Liberty Mutual reduces your collision deductible by $100 when you add this feature to your policy.  They then add another $100 every year after that.  The deductible doesn’t go up even if you are in an accident.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Credio ranked the customer satisfaction rating of Liberty Mutual by measuring the quality of the experience of holding a car insurance policy with Liberty Mutual compared to other insurers. The data is based on a survey conducted of Liberty Mutual customers.  Liberty Mutual’s Customer Satisfaction Rating is 3.9 out of 5 stars, which is approximately right about average with most other car insurance providers.

Caters To Teachers

A unique offering from Liberty Mutual is a special Teachers’ Auto Insurance Plan.  It comes at no extra cost to teachers and includes:

  1. Vandalism loss protection: No deductible if your vehicle is vandalized during school-related events or on school property.
  2. Personal property coverage: Liberty Mutual will reimburse you up to $2,500 per occurrence if your teaching materials or school-owned property is stolen or damaged while it is in your vehicle.
  3. Collision coverage: There is no deductible if your vehicle is damaged in an accident while driving it for school business.  However, In Pennsylvania, a $100 deductible does apply.


Discounts:  Liberty Mutual currently offers 14 discounts on its auto insurance policies.  This is more than the typical number of discounts offered by other auto insurers.  Some of the discounts include: Eco-Friendly Vehicle, Electronic Billing, Engaged Couple, Teacher, Group Membership, Internal Safety Features, Minor on Policy, Multi-Line Policy, Multi-Vehicle Policy, New Policyholder, Recent Graduate, and Recent Move.

Easy to Use Website: The Liberty Mutual website allows you to manage your policies, pay your bill, access ID cards, and report or track a claim.

Mobile app:  With the Liberty Mutual mobile app, you can track claims, pay bills, and view policy documents. The accident and roadside support features lets you capture information and photos at the scene of an accident.  You can also call for emergency roadside services.


More expensive than average for auto insurance.  They scored 75 out of 100 on Credio’s affordability combined with satisfaction rating.

Do not offer military discount

What Other People Are Saying

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Customer feedback was overall positive with Liberty Mutual.  I’m going to quote and leave feedback from one customer because I felt that it represented the same positive tone from most of the customers with this insurer.

The customer explained her experience with Liberty Mutual this way,

“When I applied for car insurance, I had been in an accident and was looking for a company that would cover me without hiking my rate up astronomically. Liberty Mutual offered me the service and price I was looking for ($150/mo) despite my accident history. They offer a “Better Car Replacement” policy which gives me the piece of mind I need. This policy gives me a vehicle one model newer and 15,000 miles less than what I was driving, if totaled. Overall a great company!”

Cost and Process to Join

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Premiums with Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance are higher compared to other car insurance providers.  Liberty Mutual’s Smart Rating as measured by Credio shows that they compare unfavorably to other car insurance providers.  Liberty Mutual scored 75 out of 100 on Credio’s affordability combined with satisfaction rating.

To join or get a quote, simply visit their website or place a phone call.  If you do decide to join, you will be able to use an app to pay your bill and manage claims.

Customer Support

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I could not find an definitive answer to how Liberty Mutual stood up to other auto insurers in the area of customer support. There was feedback left by customers that praised their customer support and then feedback left to bash their customer support.  It really is hard to measure customer support and give a perfect and true answer with Liberty Mutual.  The closest I could find to answer  this was that Liberty Mutual’s Customer Satisfaction Rating is 3.9 out of 5 stars as measured by Credio.

My Conclusion

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance is the seventh-largest auto insurer based on direct premiums written in 2016.  They have scored about average in customer satisfaction ratings as measured by a Credio study.  They do have higher premiums on average than the other auto insurance providers.  Liberty Mutual offers traditional discounts and unique discounts such as for teachers.  Their website is easy to use.  It allows you to manage your policies, pay your bill, access ID cards, and report or track a claim.  They also offer a nice app that will also allow you to do the same.  This is a well known insurance company.  You won’t get bargain premiums with them, but if you qualify, they do stand out because of some of the discounts that they offer. I hope my review of Liberty Mutual Insurance helps you as you look to purchase auto insurance in the future.

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