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How To Survive Working A Mundane Job In Your 20s

There are plenty of things to hate in life, but your job shouldn’t be one of them.

The hardest part of being someone in their 20s to 30s is finding a job that they actually enjoy doing. Sure, when we first graduated from college we were are all inspired by words of “you can do anything,” and “the world is your oyster,” but then we started our first desk job, and we stopped believing that to be true.

We settled into our routines of morning commutes, blank cubicle walls, and coffee, and started to think that we could never find a job where we could be happy. That we can only every mildly tolerate the position we have, and only because we have to provide for ourselves or our families. But this is not true, if you are still waiting to find that perfect position or job you enjoy, don’t give up hope. But here are some steps you can take in the mean time.

Get Experience

Bottom line, most people don’t get lucky enough to love their first job right after college or trade school. But, getting experience at that less-than perfect job, could be your key into your next job. Now that people are hopping around jobs a lot more, you don’t have to stay at this job you hate for the next ten years, but you also don’t want to jump ship too soon. It is recommended that you stay at your first job from 1-2 years before you decide to change to another position. So, keep up the positivity, and set up a countdown on your phone.

Learn All You Can

Just because this job might not be your favorite, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work your hardest at it. You might need this job further down the road to give you references, so make sure that you impress them. Don’t think that any task is too “simple” for you.

Make Friends

Maybe some of the reason you can’t stand your job, is because you haven’t met any of the people in your office, or it could be because you already met them. But, stop by someone’s office just to ask how their weekend went when you go to the bathroom, stop taking your lunch break alone, and go to those tedious company holiday parties. You might find some friends that will make your suffering a little more bearable.


Don’t Quit

At least not until you find another job. Make sure that as you start applying to new jobs, that you are maintaining the job you have. And don’t quit just out of the blue because you feel like it, be a professional and put in your time. No one is going to want to hire you if you are unreliable.

Have Fun Weekends

When you are not in the office, make sure that you are doing the things you love. Plan nights out with your friends, snuggle in for a Netflix marathon, and eat out. Make sure that you take a break each weekend just for yourself and to prepare for the week to come.

Buy Stuff

Now, don’t go into debt. But treat yourself to some nice things every so often now that you are making actual money. Buy that book you’ve wanted to read, a new accessory, or pair of shoes. Being able to spend money, will help you to appreciate when you are earning it.

We know that having a job that isn’t your favorite can be tough, but try to look on the bright side. You don’t have to stay there forever.


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