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Kids Workshop Review: Lowe’s

Lowe’s puts on free kids workshops on select Saturdays.  The workshops, called Build and Grow are recommended for kids in grades first through fifth.  During the workshops, kids will build something out of wood.  Tools such as scaled down hammers are provided.

When the child finishes their creation, they will get a badge that can be ironed on their Lowe’s apron (included free of charge), or on any article of clothing that you choose.  Your child will also receive goggles that can be taken home.  Everything is included free of charge.  A Lowe’s employee will also sign and award each child with a certificate of completion certificate.

Parents are required to stay at the workshop, though you can let the instructor take over and just watch if you’d like.  Or parents are welcome to dive right in and help their own children. Because parents stay on site, Lowe’s allows children younger than the 1st grade level to make things too if the parent helps them.

Past classes have included kids making Bird feeders, Helicopters, Kaleidoscopes, Race cars, Schoolhouses, Tabletop basketball sets, Treasure chests, and Trellis planters to name a few. Whatever the project is, you can be assured that everything needed to complete the project is included and free of charge.


  • Workshops are free
  • Children learn new skills
  • Kids get to take home what they made
  • Kids get a free apron and goggles to take home


  •  You may end up buying more than you planned while at the store.

What Other People Are Saying


“My daughter was not yet three when we started going to the workshops, and she fell in love with them. We bought her, her own toolbox in which she proudly carries her hammer and several of the other items listed above.  These activities are something we look forward to as a family.”

Cost and Process to Join


To register for a Build and Grow Workshop near you, visit the Lowe’s Website or go to a Lowe’s Store.  Because there is a class size limit of 50 children, it would be wise to sign up early.

Customer Service


From all the reviews I’ve read, Lowe’s staff are very friendly and helpful to kids in the class.  Although each store will have different personnel, I would think most would be polite and friendly to your child.  After all, parents are staying to watch, so even if you got a grumpy teacher that day, it wouldn’t be very smart of him or her to be rude in front of an audience.

My Conclusion 

Lowe’s workshops for kids is a free way for your kids to learn about working with wood. They will get an apron and goggles to keep along with a certificate of completion and iron on badge.  The classes are specifically designed for kids in 1st through 5th grade, although they will allow younger children in if a parent is there to help. Parents are required to stay for all ages of children.  If you do decide to have your child attend a Lowe’s kid workshop, it would be wise to sign up early either online or at your local Lowe’s Store.  Class size is limited to 50 participants.

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