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Write a Killer Maid of Honor or Best Man Speech in 7 Easy Steps

It is definitely an honor, that is for sure! When someone asks you to be their maid of honor or best man, they are asking a lot of you. They are asking for you to be by their side for the next however many months, help them plan, and help celebrate and party with them. So while it definitely is fun and is quite the honor, it is definitely a lot of work and is never easy.

When it comes to writing speeches for the bride and groom, many of us try to push it off for as long as possible. Coming from someone who has had to write two speeches for the bride (both of my sisters got married three months apart so trust me, I feel your pain!), I know the difficulty in writing a speech. Do you share your feelings? Tell a joke? Share a few stories?

I am happy to tell you that there is an easy way to write a speech in just a few steps! So for those who are procrastinators and are reading this the night before the wedding day, or for those who are preparing months in advance but need some guidance, read on for some great suggestions!


1. Start with an introduction.

Every good piece of writing includes an introduction. So a speech like this is definitely not excluded from that! Introduce yourself to everyone and say your name and relation to the bride/groom. Give a little background on who you are and share how you know the individual you are talking about.


2. Share a story.

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You can share a funny story or serious story, and it can be about the two of you or just about the other person! Although most stories that maid of honors or best men share are normally about the both of them, so bear that in mind. When thinking of a good story, remember to keep it short and sweet! The last thing you want to do is bore the guests to death.


3. Talk about the bride and groom.

This is a great time to tell your favorite qualities, characteristics, or what you love about the person you are toasting to. But do not forget to talk about the other spouse as well. For example, if you are the maid of honor, make sure to talk a lot about the bride and her personality, but also talk about how the groom compliments her and what you love about him as well.


4. Thank the bride and groom.

This is a great time to thank your best friend for their friendship, and thank them for the wonderful person that they are. Also remember to thank the person they are marrying, for making your friend so happy and the opportunity you have had to know them. It is time to welcome them into your life as well!


5. Find a quote or song lyric that you love.

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If there is a special song that you and your best friend love, or a quote that sums up or symbolizes your relationship, then be sure to include it! It can be funny, tear-jerking, or just a song you blast in the car together. This is a great way to start to finish up your speech!


6. Give your advice and encouragement.

If you had one piece of advice for the bride and groom, what would it be? You can make it funny advice, such as, “Make sure you keep your mouth shut when arguing with her, and everything will be just fine!”. Or personal advice, such as, “Never go to bed angry!”. If you are not married, then give a disclaimer such as, “Well, I have never been married, but if I was, this would be my advice for you!”. If you want to forgo the whole advice thing, then give some of your best encouragement to the new couple.


7. Finish with a bang!

And finally, finish with the toast! Give your best cheers to your best friend, and the person they are going to spend their life with! If you choke up a bit, that is totally acceptable and is nothing to be ashamed of. A speech can be both funny and sentimental, or can be just plain sentimental!

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The most important thing to remember is to write this from your own perspective and point of view. Share your feelings, your memories, and your laughs. Do not procrastinate this speech! This is your best friend we are talking about! Take your time and write something meaningful for them, because they will do or probably have already done it for you.

Happy writing!


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