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Man of Honor & Best Woman: How To’s With the Opposite Sex in Your Wedding Party

Some brides grew up with a big brother by their side, caring for them every step of the way, and helping them get through tough things. Some grooms had an older, or maybe even younger sister, who is their best friend. If this is the case for any bride or groom, why should they feel like that meaningful person can’t be in their bridal party?

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While having a woman who takes the place of the best man or a man who takes the place of the maid of honor is not traditional, it does not mean it should not be done! If someone is that meaningful to you, then by all means, you should go for it!

But then, how does that work when it comes to pictures? What do they wear? How do they walk down the aisle? While these questions can be answered differently depending on the bride, we do have some suggestions on how to go about these things when you have the opposite sex on your side when you are standing at the altar.

Conquering the Walk Down the Aisle and the Exit Up the Aisle

When it comes to the processional and the recessional, there are many ways that you can go about it. You can have the groomslady walk in with the other groomsmen or down the aisle with the bridal party. For the bridesman, he can walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids or walk in the beginning with the men. When it comes to standing up front, have them stand with whoever they are supporting. So the male bridesmaid can stand with his favorite woman or the female groomsman can stand with her favorite dude.

For leaving, the wedding party can all walk up separately if that is easiest. But if you want them to walk up in pairs, then have them dance their way out or make it fun! That way for the two men that would traditionally end up arm linking to make their exit, it may be a little less awkward.

What the Groomslady or Bridesman Should Wear

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No, no cross dressing is necessary. If you are a female on the groom’s side or a male on the bride’s side, dress exactly like a bridesmaid or a groomsmen. Whether it be exactly the same, down to the same suit or dress, or just similar colors, the guy or girl standing on the opposite side do not need to feel pressured to look differently. If you want to give them a different corsage colors or special bouquet, then by all means, do so.

Getting the Picture Perfect Photos

This is where your creativity comes in! You can either mix it up and have the opposite sex stand the same way they did in the actual ceremony with the designated party. Or you can have the girls be with the girls and the guys be with the guys. Either way, your pictures will turn out beautiful! Just make sure you give your photographer a head’s up so they know to prepare in advanced.

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To Attend the Parties, To Not Attend the Parties

This is where many brides and grooms probably want to think carefully and draw the line. It is not very appropriate to have a Man of Honor attend a bridal shower or bachelorette party, and vice versa for the Best Woman. Unless you (as the bride) have a strong inclination to include them in these activities, it may be a better decision to avoid it in case other members of the party are uncomfortable.


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