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This Maui Destination Wedding Photographer Will Make You Reconsider Your Wedding Plans!

Can you imagine shooting images of people committing their lives to each other, falling in love all over again at the altar? Better yet, taking these pictures on the gorgeous beaches of Maui, Hawaii?

Um, yes please.

Amity Mason is a Maui raised wedding photographer who stays local and travels the world snapping photographs of weddings. While she does get to stay local a lot for brides who come to her, seeking the perfect, Hawaii beach destination wedding, Mason also gets requested to travel around the world to different places to shoot beautiful weddings as well (she talks more about her travels in the interview).

If you are interested in having a destination wedding in Maui, or just love seeing breath taking pictures of amazing couples, read on to indulge in Amity Mason’s adventurous career!


What made you decide to get into the wedding photography business? Has it always been your passion?

Amity: I graduated with a BFA concentration Photography from Alfred University and worked in corporate America for a while. All along always doing photography on the side. After being laid off three times, I decided to start my own business. I had always loved photography but wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialize in.

I worked in a big box store in the portrait studio, tried sports photography, product, photography, etc. While living in Colorado, I decided to see if I could work for a wedding photography studio to see if it was something I was interested in. I found that I really enjoyed the fast paced environment and I quickly realized that specializing in wedding photography is my passion.

To photograph a wedding, I am required to know how to shoot in a variety of styles, candid, “photojournalistic” for the emotional moments like the ceremony or first dance. Fashion for the getting ready and couples pictures. Artsy to capture details of the event. There is so much to photograph, many moments to capture, a lot of action or quiet intimate moments that bring back memories of the day when looking back.


I am not sure exactly where you are from, but has living in Hawaii made you homesick at all? Or are you perfectly content with staying in Hawaii?

Amity: I am from Maui, Hawaii. At times I get what we call “island fever” and have to go on a trip. My preference when I “vacation” is cities. I love city life! Totally opposite of Maui. So much to do and see – delicious food to taste, clubs to dance at, museums to walk around, artists to find… And the town doesn’t shut down at 10pm!


Why Hawaii? Why not another place for destination weddings?

Amity: I am from Maui, born and raised. I was living in Colorado when I started my business and went back and forth for 2 years, spending half the time in Colorado and the other half in Hawaii. I missed the beach and surf so I decided to move back to Maui. That was about eleven years ago. I travel to the other islands to photograph events and my passport is current! I am booked for a wedding in Cuba next May, and I am very excited for this event!


What is your absolute favorite thing about shooting in Hawaii and the destination weddings you photograph?

Amity: My absolute favorite is being able to photograph outside using natural light. Tied with that is meeting the people that come to Maui for their wedding. I understand that this is their dream come true to be married on Maui and my goal is to capture the images they have imagined. I want to give them a piece of artwork they can hang on the wall at home, that just so happens to be from their wedding. I am always so excited for first timers because I know their minds are being blown by how amazingly beautiful Hawaii is.


What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you in your adventures as a photographer in Hawaii?

Amity: Most interesting…. I would have to say seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in attendance at a wedding I was photographing. The coordinator didn’t give me a heads up, so you can imagine my surprise!


What has been your most favorite wedding? (And more importantly, can you share a few pictures?)

Amity: There are so many! I do not have one favorite, but here are a few of my favorite pictures from weddings I have photographed.


My favorite part of the wedding is when the couple first see each other. Weather it’s a fist look before the ceremony or the walk down the aisle. To me, that is the most important moment of the day. So much emotion expressed in that fleeting moment.


Just for fun, who is your celebrity crush?

Amity: Kelly Slater!


Another just for fun, if you could be one of the seven dwarfs from Snow White, which one would you be?

Amity: That is easy, Happy!




If you have any questions for my new friend Amity, or you would like to contact her about possible inquiries, email her at or visit her website at

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