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Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set Product Review

The primary focus of the Medela company is to help breastfeeding mothers and babies who also utilize a bottle when necessary.  The materials used are safe plastic.  The set includes (3) 5 ounce/150 millimeter bottles designed for breastmilk, 3 lids, 3 slow-flow silicone nipples, 3 wide-based collars and travel caps.

The Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set is compatible with all of the Medela breast pumps.  It is designed to pump, store, and feed all in one container.  This saves the mom a lot of time in preparing the bottles.  The safe design allows mothers to store their breast milk long term without loosing nutritional properties.

This bottle set is completely dishwasher safe.  There are easy to read marks on the bottles.  The measurements are in color coded ounces and milimeter marks.  The travel caps that are included keep the nipples clean.  These bottles are made BPA-Free.  The bottles are available in both 5 and also 8 ounces.  The 8 ounce bottle is especially nice for those mom's who have a lot of milk.   The larger bottle enables them to keep pumping without switching bottles in the middle of pumping. 

This company strongly believes in the benefits of breast milk over formula.  The founder Olle Larsson pledges that, "our breastfeeding accessory products and literature shall never be used to influence mothers to switch from breastfeeding to infant formula feeding. Nor shall our breastfeeding products and literature be used in any way to promote artificial baby milk."

Best Features of The Product 

  • Comes With Complete Set
  • Larger Bottles
  • Easy To Clean 
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  • Parents liked the bigger bottles.  The larger ounce bottles were especially helpful for children as they grew up and drank more.
  • Many parents liked that the Medela Breast Milk Bottles are very easy to clean.
  • Parents liked that there are very few pieces, which makes cleaning easier.
  • Some liked the nipples.  While this is going to be a very individual preference topic, some babies liked the nipples right away.  One parent said that she tried 5 different nipples and that this is the first one that her baby would take.
  • The bigger bottles are good for mom's who have a lot of milk.  You don't have to stop in the middle of pumping to get another bottle as you would if you used smaller bottles.
  • The bottles and caps are great for pumping.
  • The lettering on the bottles are easy to read and large numbered.
  • The bottles measure in both ounces and also millimeters.
  • Some parents commented that the shape was easy for their babies to hold.  This becomes more important as your baby grows and can start feeding him or herself.


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  • Parents commented that the lettering came off.  This made it hard to measure out how much milk was in the containers.  One parent said the lettering came off within the first month of use.
  • Some parents said that the milk comes out too fast and causes choking.  One parent believes that this is due to the nipple being too small and not similar enough to a breast.  Some parents advised that it may be better for an older baby who can handle a faster flow, but not a newborn.
  • For some babies, the nipples let in a lot of air and also collapsed during feeding time.
  • The bottles may loose their structure over time.  One mom said that she's used them for only 6 months and one of the nipples got soft around the rim and kept popping out.  The same mom said that she used to use them with her son a few years back and never had that problem.
  • A common complaint was that the bottles leak.  One mother said that they leaked because the rings were not included.   She did not contact the company.  But, others who did have rings included, said that they also had issues with leakage.
  • Some parents said that the nipples were shaped nothing like a real breast nipple.  Some babies just would not accept this nipple because of the shape.
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My Conclusion 

If there is one thing that I've learned while studying baby bottle dynamics and reading reviews, it's that babies can be so finicky about which kind of nipples they will accept.  This seems to be especially true of breastfed babies who also take a bottle.  With that being said, some parents said that these nipples caused milk to come out too fast. This was a common complaint.  But, just as many parents said that their babies loved these bottles.  Some even said that their babies would not accept any other nipple. 

The writing on the bottles were a drawback, though, because even though people liked the bold easy to read lettering, the lettering does wear off quite easily.  As far as the shape of the bottles, I've read nothing but positive comments.  Parents liked the shapes and said that their babies could easily grip on and hold the bottles.

So, you may want to give these bottles a try.  Though the price is a bit high, remember that you are getting a set of three.  If you like bottles that hold more ounces, these may be the bottles for you. These bottles are also helpful if you are mom who produces a lot of breast milk. I hope that you enjoyed my review of the Medela Breast Milk Bottles. 

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