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Kids Workshop Review: Michaels

Michael’s is a craft store that offers classes for kids called Kids Club. Sometimes the classes have a small fee and sometimes there is no cost to join and attend. When they do have a fee, it is very small, around $2 or so.

The craft classes can be found on the Michael’s website or by visiting a Michael’s store. You can also sign up online or in store.  If you find an event that you want your child to attend, it really helps to get here early so that the class doesn’t fill up.

Types of Classes Offered

Each store will offer different classes.  You can find out about which classes are offered by visiting the Michael’s website and entering your zip code to see what your store is offering and when.  The classes may range from projects such as painting, flower arranging, jewelry making, holiday crafts, and many more.

Classes may be limited in size and not all stores have workshops.  You can find all of this information out on the Michael’s website or by calling or visiting a local Michael’s store. If you don’t know where your nearest Michael’s store is, the website should be able to help you locate one.

Kids Club Schedule

The Kids Club runs every Saturday morning, all year round.  This is nice because some others stores like Home Depot, only have classes once a month as opposed to every Saturday.  If you haven’t preregistered, you can drop in anytime between the scheduled hours (most stores have classes from 10am-12pm).  Your child then has those hours to complete their project.  Most projects take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


The recommended age range for Kids Club is 3 years and up, but you are allowed to bring younger children just so you are ready and available to assist your young child. You may want to check the schedule to see the skill level needed for the project that the class will be undertaking.


  • Classes are free or come with a small fee
  • Children can learn a new skill
  • Kids can have fun while learning
  • Parents are allowed to attend or shop in the store, just so long as they stay on the premises


  • May be a small fee attached to some of the classes
  • Sometimes supplies are not included in the class fee

What Other People Are Saying


Here are just some of the things that people are saying about the kids programs at Michaels:

“We had a great time! I can’t believe this fun program runs EVERY Saturday and only costs a few dollars. It’s no surprise that some kids come back week after week. We are already looking forward to the next one.”

“For the past 4 summers, I have been bringing my kids to the summer program at Michaels. Not only is it a fun way to encourage a love of art, it is also really affordable.”

“Wow! I just found a great deal on kid’s crafting. For $2 and two hours, Michaels is helping turn kids into lifelong crafters. These are their future customers, so Michaels is pretty darn smart for doing this.”

Cost and Process to Join


To find out what classes may be at your local Michael’s you can visit a store and ask in person, call the store, or visit their website.  If checking on the website, you will need to put your zip code in and they will find all of the classes in your area.

Store Search

The website lets you put in a radius to find classes up to 50 miles away. When you find a store nearest to you, you’ll get to view the next few month’s worth of classes in calendar form. Each class has a name, date, time, the number of sessions, the number of seats available, and cost.  When you click on the class that you want to know more about, it will bring up the specifics about that class.  You’ll get to read the description, materials list, skill level, recommended age, and if supplies are included.

Sometimes supplies are included but for some classes you may have to buy supplies when you attend the class.  Each store should have the amount of money that supplies will cost.

Customer Service


Everything that I read about the kids programs at Michael’s was positive, including the service from the Michael’s staff.  At one store, it was a bit disorganized, and the staff person said she was just informed 15 minutes prior to the class, that she’d be teaching it. Still under such a circumstance it still went well as reported by the parent. That particular staff member had never taught a children’s class before, but she was courteous and fun. From what I read the staff at Michael’s is professional. 

My Conclusion 

Michael’s offers classes every Saturday usually running from 10AM to 12PM for a $2 a child fee or it is free.  The classes normally take approximately 30 minutes to complete a project.  Some parents risked it and just dropped in the store and signed up that day, while others wanted to secure their spot ahead of time online.  Parents are permitted to leave the class just so long as they stay on the store grounds, or they can stay in the class with their child.  The reviews that I read were very positive for the classes offered at Michael’s. If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive way for your child to have some fun and learn a new skill, you might want to check out the kids classes at Michael’s.

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