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The Most Iconic Wedding Dresses in History

Wedding gowns throughout the last century have changed dramatically in their shape, size, and design, but one thing that they have in common is that they are always worn by iconic women. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we identify some of the most iconic wedding dresses of all time and reflect on how they changed the fashion industry.

Princess Diana’s Gown

How can we not start off with Princess Di’s wedding dress? Diana’s dress was specially designed and made by two fashion designers who wanted to make a statement with her gown while staying true to what she liked. They did a very good job considering that this wedding gown has gone down in history as one of the biggest fashion statements. Princess Diana’s dress set the trend of puffy sleeves and full skirts in wedding gowns for the next couple of decades. Her dress will go down of one of the most iconic dresses in history because of how fashion foward and stylish it was.




Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress

Grace Kelly was a symbol of elegance and grace on her wedding day. Her lace dress was a gift from MGM studios which spared no extra cost in order to make this wedding gown a masterpiece. Kelly’s dress was a turning point in wedding fashion history as it encouraged brides to make a fashion statement on their big day. Brides today still try and go for the classic “Grace Kelly” look when choosing the perfect wedding gown. This dress will always be remembered as one of the most gorgeous, timeless dresses in history.




Jackie Kennedy’s Gown

Jackie Kennedy had a fun wedding gown that inspired brides of her time. Kennedy’s gown was destroyed in a flood 10 days before her wedding but was able to be restored after 8 days and nights of grueling work of the designer. Her gown showed that it is possible to have a fun, yet classy gown on your wedding day.  Jackie mixed tradition with her funky gown by wearing a pearl necklace that was a family heirloom and a veil that was her grandmothers. This iconic bridal gown will be forever remembered because of its unique features.





Angelina Jolie’s Dress

Angelina Jolie represented unconventional and creative brides everywhere when wearing her meaningful wedding gown when marrying Brad Pitt. This famous wedding gown was customized by Jolie’s children when she allowed them to doodle and draw all over it, representing the unity of their family. Jolie’s gown made a statement on her wedding day because of how different and meaningful it was to her and her entire family. Her dress will always be remembered as exceeding everyone’s expectations of creativity and meaningfulness.



Victoria Beckham’s Wedding Gown

The level of drama and romanticism in Victoria Beckham’s dress is what makes it one of the most iconic dresses of all time. Her ball gown cost a whopping $100,000 because of it’s royal nature. It’s timeless style and sexy aspect make this a gown that many brides strive to get. This was a great start to Beckham’s growing fashion career and place in society as a trendy fashion mogul.







Gwen Stefani’s Dress

Perhaps the beginning of the dip dye wedding gown trend, Gwen Stefani’s colorful dyed wedding gown was one for the books. Stefani’s fresh look caught the media’s attention and the also the attention of brides. She emulated beauty and originality as she walked down the aisle. Her dress is iconic because of how it perfectly reflected Stefani’s personality while being extremely trendy at the same time.

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Last but not least, probably the most iconic wedding dress of the century belongs to Kate Middleton. When having the dress designed, Middleton mentioned that she wanted a dress that was a combination of tradition and modernity with a creative touch. Designer Sarah Burton did a marvelous job of executing this vision by creating the dress that is continually becoming replicated by other bridal designers. This wedding gown was especially influential in western fashion following the royal wedding. This is the iconic dress of the century that almost every bride now is trying to replicate on their own wedding day.




Iconic wedding gowns through the century are keys to understanding current and past fashion trends. These dresses served as an ideal that brides throughout history have used as inspiration for their own weddings, to make their own weddings as special and as iconic as the women who inspired them.

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