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The 411 About Mother Of The Bride Attire!

The entire time a mother watches her daughter grow up, she dreams of her daughters big day. She dreams of helping her pick out her dress and making her big day happen. She doesn’t need thanks, this was her life long dream to help. After all the help that she has given you, it’s her turn to pick out a dress! What does getting the mother of the bride dress entail?

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Mom Courtesies

The mother of the bride generally should purchase her dress before the mother of the groom. Even though the mother of the groom is important, it is more so about the mother of the bride. After all, it is her little girls big day!

With a heads up from the mother of the bride when she has gotten her dress or the color she is thinking of getting , the mother of the groom should get a dress that matches well with the MOB dress. She should not match completely, but she should not clash either.

When Should She Purchase Her Dress?

The mother of the bride dress should be purchased as soon as possible. If she doesn’t have time to get her dress right away, be sure to have her let the mother of the groom know that she can proceed to get her dress without the mother of the bride purchasing hers first (just as a courtesy)!

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Color and Coordination

The MOB should match or complement the bridal party. If the bridal party is wearing a blush colored pink, the mother of the bride should not get a blush colored pink dress. Neutral colors are great; Mom should surely stay away from anything matching the bride, the bride should be the only one in white (or ivory… or whatever color the brides dress will be)!

Talk with the bride about which color she would wish you to wear to her big day. She may have a color scheme ready for the MOB and the MOG! Be respectful of the bride!

Matching Style?

General rule of thumb is to go by the formality of the wedding. If the wedding is super formal, the mothers should match the formal style of the wedding. If the wedding is more casual, the mothers can wear a more casual style. You catch my drift!

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A note to the MOB and the MOG, be sure that your dresses fit the specifications of what the bride wants, but also be sure to be modest. If you’ve got a hot mom body, this isn’t the time to show it off. This isn’t your day, it is your daughters. Be sure to dress age appropriate and cover your ta-tas! All the guests came to see the bride, not the MOB or the MOG!


The mother of the bride has a big day ahead of her as well as the bride, but she needs to be sure to remember that this is her little girls day! There are rules and regulations about how and when to purchase the dress and how to go about it! Just remember to have a blast and enjoy the day as well, don’t stress! Happy planning!


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