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Calling All Mother Of The Grooms Questioning Your Tasks For the Big Day!

When planning a wedding, each person has a certain role that they must play when planning the wedding. In today’s wedding society the bride (sometimes the groom helps with this too… ) But each person has a designated job to get the job done and make sure everything runs smoothly. What is the mother of the grooms given designated duties?

Offer To Help Financially

This isn’t the “cheap” way out.. literally.. It isn’t the cheap way out. But it is really helpful, especially if the bride is close to budget. If you want to donate your money to a certain part of the wedding, ask the bride about it. She will surely be grateful!

Donate To The Guest List

The bride grew up with her family and the groom grew up with his family. They more than likely know their side but will just know stories of the other… Donating to the guest list for their side can be über helpful and will take lots of stress off of the bride researching those names and addresses.

Offer To Help With The Ceremony and Reception

With today’s society, the DIY bride is more prominent than ever. Offer to help with those pesky projects that take forever. The bride will not only be thankful but this is great bonding time for the bride, the bridal party, and the moms!

Attend The Bridal Shower

It was said at one point that the mom’s weren’t allowed to host the shower together, goodness knows why that was a thing, but if the mom’s want to host it they can. As the mother of the groom, you must be there regardless of what you decide! This is your chance to see the bride with her friends and family and get to know them. You’re the gateway to your family and theirs!

Purchase The Dress

As the MOG, you will have lots of eyes on you. Make sure you pick a dress, but make sure you know the 411 of mother of the bride attire before you buy! Be sure to ask the bride if she has a color scheme thought out for you!

Host The Rehearsal dinner

The brides family, in a traditional wedding, will host the wedding. If the brides parents are hosting the wedding, traditionally the grooms family would host the rehearsal dinner. As the MOG, this is up to you. Even if the wedding isn’t traditional, ask the bride what to do about the rehearsal dinner. This is something that you will arrange on your own with little direction, if at all, from the bride.

Dance With The Groom

After all the duties you will be tasked with, you will get your reward of dancing with your son on his big day. Pick a song and dance the night away with your boy!


The bride and the groom have the hardest job of all to get but the mom’s come to a close second. They give away their babies! The mother of the groom has specific tasks that she needs to complete, but don’t forget about those other tasks that the bride can throw at you. Get your mom on, MOG! Happy planning!

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