Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra Product Review

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This nursing bra is made of nylon and spandex.  It features a clip down design while being lightly lined and providing full coverage.  It offers medium support.  The Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra comes in 6 color choices as follows:  Black, Grey, Shell Pink, Blush, Nude, and White.

Best Features 

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    6 colors to choose from
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    Clip Down Feature
Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

What Other People Are Saying

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The Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra had 128 customer comments and 7 answered questions on Amazon.  I've read through the feedback left by customers and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a nursing bra.

Soft Structure Design

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There are no annoying or uncomfortable wires to deal with when wearing the Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra.


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According to the majority of customers who wore this bra, it is very comfortable.  When reading through the reviews, comfort came up as the most talked about topic.  I know when I find something comfortable, I will order multiples of the exact same kind.  Whether it be running shoes or clothing, I often go online and order several more of the kind I like.  I am not alone in this thinking, several women found this bra so comfortable that they ordered multiples.

Here is one comment from a multiple bra buyer,  

"I love this bra SO much! Was thinking about ordering a comparable bra from another brand but got this one because it had adjustable straps, and was half the price. I am so happy with my decision. I ended up purchasing a second and am thinking about ordering a third even though I have 10 other nursing bras! This is so soft and comfortable and is really easy to use for nursing. I love it. Do yourself a favor and order 3!"

Fits True To Size

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The comments on sizing were fairly consistent of this nursing bra fitting true to size.  This isn't always the case with nursing bras.  For some of the other bras that I reviewed, there were a lot of complaints of the bra running too small or too large. This is not the case for the Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra.

Here is one sampling of what women are saying about the sizing of this bra,

"It's perfect. This fits true to size in terms of maternity. It's adjustable all over. There are removable pads for 'extra' coverage and shape."

Six Colors To Choose From

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It's nice to have color choices in bras. If you are wearing a light colored shirt, you may not want to wear a black bra.  With the Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra, you will get to choose from 6 different colors ranging from black to white with some colors in between. The 6 color choices are Black, Grey, Shell Pink, Blush, Nude, and White.

Some women such as the following woman decided to buy all 6 colors,

"Love this bra so much! I had to buy one in every color...It's so soft and comfortable! The padding is a good shape. The lack of underwire is heavenly! It's great for breastfeeding but seriously I may never go back to another bra."

Good For Sleeping Too

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This bra is so comfortable with the lack of an underwire, that women were commenting that they used it as a sleeping bra in addition to an everyday bra.  Here is one of the comments about using this bra for sleeping in,

"It's comfortable and easy to clip up and down. It's not super supportive, but after having the baby, I'm all about comfort over support. It's comfortable enough to sleep in and wear all day. I'd stock up on a few, especially while on maternity leave and hanging out at home."

Can Be Un-Clipped With One Hand

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When you become a mom, you will learn to do many things with one hand.  That is because most moms will have the baby in the other hand.  Thankfully, this nursing bra is designed to be unclipped and also clipped using just one hand.

A mother explains why she appreciates the one handed design,

"The clasps are easy to clip and un-clip one handed, which is nice for those middle of the night feeds when you feel like a zombie and the baby is fussy!"

My Conclusion 

The Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra is a popular nursing bra for good reason. The main being that it is comfortable.  There is no underwire to constrict your movements or hurt you.  Many women said that they found this bra comfortable enough to sleep in, even though it is not designed to be a sleeping bra.  This bra fits true to size and comes in 6 color choices.  It can be un-clipped and clipped with one hand, which makes it nice for mothers who have a baby in one hand.  The price is in the middle range.  If you are looking for a comfortable bra to wear anywhere including sleeping, you may want to try the Motherhood Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra.

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