Motif Explorer Investing App Review

Motif explorer

This app investigates trends and world events that could lead to investing opportunities.  Motif Explorer requires a $250 minimum and it charges a commission of $9.95 for a portfolio that contains 30 stocks.  This app is not good for large investments.

With this app, investors can track and benchmark motifs.  They can also browse new ones and view a tailored news feed.  Some popular motifs include Biotech Breakthroughs, Digital Dollars, Couch Commerce, and Fighting Fat.  In simple terms, Motif Investing is an online broker that lets you invest in ideas.

Motif then makes its products and services available for self-directed investors, who are then responsible for all the investments and decisions that they make. Each investor needs to review an investment strategy for his or her own individual situation before making any investment decisions.


  • Track and benchmark motifs
  • Create a tailored news feed.
  • This is a good rate - Charges a commission of $9.95 for a portfolio that contains 30 stocks.


  • Not good for large investments
  • Requires $250 minimum
  • Minimal trading tools - the service lacks some of the features that traders typically want, including diverse research, analysis tools, and a variety of order options.

What Other People Are Saying

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I found this feedback that was mostly positive with some suggestions,

"I thought of creating my own mutual funds a long time ago and Motif lets me do just that. Their app and website are clean, logical and functional, as well as reliable. Only thing on the app I wish it had was transaction history. Also, the website and app should have the feature to give a rate of return for the whole portfolio."

Cost and Process to Join

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There are different rates to join.  It is free to download the basic beginner app.  There are also 3 other levels that you can choose to join.  The Blue Starter Level is $4.95 per month to auto-invest in and auto-rebalance one motif.  The Blue Standard Level is $9.95 per month to auto-invest in three motifs and auto-rebalance any professional motif. The Blue Standard Level includes Motif Capital market reports and one commission-free trade of a stock or motif per month. And finally there is the Blue Unlimited Level for $19.95 per month.  On the Blue Unlimited Level, you can auto-invest in three motifs and auto-rebalance any professional motif.

To join, either go to the Motif Website or download the app from your mobile's app store.

Customer Support

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To contact customer service, simply go to the Motif Website or Contact information for Motif after downloading the app

My Conclusion 

With Motif Explorer, investors can have access to a catalog of theme-based portfolios of stocks and ETFs, called motifs.  Some popular motifs, which are composed of up to 30 stocks, include Biotech Breakthroughs, Digital Dollars, Couch Commerce, and Fighting Fat. A Motif investing account can be opened on the app with no minimum, and customers can buy motifs for as little as $250 which is the minimum cost.  Motif Explorer is a unique way of investing.  For some it is also a fun way to invest.  I hope my review of the Motif Explorer helps you as you begin to invest your money in the future. 

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