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10 Must Follow Pinterest Wedding Boards

These days,who doesn’t get their wedding ideas from Pinterest? Pinterest is an awesome source of creative thoughts and DIYs that you would die without. Like any other social media sight, there are boards that are the best and some that are the absolute worst, here are some of our favorite Pinterest boards and profiles that will help you with your wedding planning.


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Did you really expect us to make a must have list of Pinterest pages and not include ours? On our page you will have access to our posts and everything wedding! We love to pin, so you will find hundreds of quality pins that we love. Our Pinterest boards are a source of inspiration for every type of wedding, plus we have found helpful hints for wedding planning and DIYs that you can’t go without. Be sure to check us out and follow our boards!

2. C’est Ça New York

This New York based boutique has tons of adorable, fashionable wedding accessories and dresses posted on their boards. They even post some of their own must-have products that you can wear at your wedding! This profile has a bunch of inspirational fashion statements that can give you awesome ideas for how to make your wedding more and more individualistic and trendy.

3. Wedding Chicks

Wedding Chicks is the ultimate wedding Pinterest profile to follow. Their blog is chock full of a wide range of wedding styles that any and every bride can apply. Wedding Chicks also has plenty of fresh inspo if you are caught in a wedding rut. So get out of that rut and get creative with some fun, new ideas that are posted daily on the Wedding Chicks Pinterest profile!

4. Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings has a name that describes exactly what they pin, they pin things that can act as a muse for brides everywhere to get them a step closer towards their perfect wedding day. They have a diverse group of categories that range from wedding cocktails to bachelorette parties. With such a long list of boards, this is a Pinterest board that will be a necessity for perfectly executing your dream wedding.

5. Praise Wedding

If you are a unique bride looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding day that reflects you and your husband, then this is a must follow. Praise Wedding pins ideas and inspiration that deter off the normal traditional wedding course. They have boards that include furry friends in your wedding day and have out of this world wedding photos. This is a board for the brave bride who isn’t afraid of being a little different.

6. Green Wedding Shoes

Contrary to what their name is, this is not a Pinterest profile dedicated to boards full of green wedding shoes. They have plenty of boards dedicated to wedding and wedding planning, but they also offer something a little different. Green Wedding Shoes has boards that are useful for after your wedding, some examples of these boards are “nursery inspiration” and “holiday gift guide”. These boards are sure to come in handy once you and your husband have finished saying your “i do’s”.

7. Storyboard Wedding

If you are a sucker for storybook endings and fairytales, check this Pinterest profile out. They offer plenty of whimsical inspiration that you can incorporate in every part of your wedding. You can find fun veils and make-up ideas on this board that are fairy-tale like in looks and magical in feelings. Ensure you and your husband have a fairy-tale ending by implementing this board into you wedding day.

8. Wedding Paper Divas

The Wedding Paper Divas boards consist of fun ideas that have to do with anything paper in your wedding! There is a phenomenal selection of Save the Date, Wedding Invitation, and Wedding Theme ideas that you can put on your wedding inspiration board! Wedding Paper Divas will give you great ideas on how to improve anything paper on your wedding day, down to the very last seating card.

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9. A Practical Wedding

Looking for a practical wedding? Then A Practical Wedding board is for you! Their wedding boards touch on everything you could possibly need for your wedding like groom style, LGBTQ weddings, and even quotes for you to feature throughout your wedding day. This wedding board has so much to offer for the practical, yet chic, bride that lives in all of us.

10. Want That Wedding

Its so fun to just look at other people’s weddings and then see if you could in any way implement them in your wedding day, the Want That Wedding wedding boards are just what you have imagines. They consist of coveted wedding ideas that are absolutely gorgeous and can easily be copied into your big day. Want that Wedding also have a ton of out-of-the-box and creative ways to make your wedding stand out from all of the others.

All of these wedding boards have one thing in common, they are there to help and aid you in anything that you need for your wedding. They all have brilliant ideas that are fresh and new that will make your wedding stand out among the rest. So get to it! Start pinning away from these amazing boards!

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