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The Ultimate Checklist For Your First Apartment!

You did it! You are finally free from Mom and Dad! Whether you are moving out tomorrow or looking to move into your first apartment, it is always hard to decide what you need to buy right away and what you can wait on. So what exactly do you need right away for your first apartment? 




First, think about how big your apartment is going to be. You want to make sure that you have enough furniture that your apartment isn’t completely bare. If you have a living area, you are going to at least need a couch, chair, and a TV with a stand. Usually, in your kitchen, you need to have a table that you can eat at. It might also be wise to include enough chairs at your kitchen table that you can have company. In your bedroom, you’re going to need a bed, a dresser, and probably a bedside table. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what furniture you need and when you need it. Remember that there are essential furniture pieces that you need right now, and those pieces of furniture that you can save up for that, you lust after in the TJ Maxx home section.



Will your parents let you take your childhood twin bed? Or do they need it to make their own personal guest room? A bed is one of the most essential, and unfortunately, most expensive pieces of furniture you’ll probably have to invest in for your first place. Consider if you would want to have a twin bed or a bigger bed like a King or Queen for your new home. Just make sure if you switch your bed size that you get new sheets and a new comforter to fit. 

Cleaning Supplies


Now this includes general cleaning supplies like Windex for your mirrors, toilet bowl cleaner, and anything to wipe down your surfaces, but unfortunately, your new place won’t be as stocked as a college dorm room. That means you’ll have to invest in a vacuum, a toilet brush, plunger, duster, mop, and whatever else you might need. Make sure that you have enough to clean your apartment for potential guests or your family each week….or month.

Your Own Netflix Account


Up until now, you might be on your family plan for sharing Netflix. Check to see if you would still be able to stay on that and any other shared accounts your family might have, like your cell phone provider. You want to make sure that you’re able to binge watch your favorite TV show the first night in your new place. Also, remember to pick up a Google Chrome Caster or an HDMI Cord for your TV if you are using the one that is at home right now.

Bath Mat and Shower Curtain


You definitely can decorate your bathroom in many ways, but there are two essential pieces you are going to need to make your bathroom livable. First, a bath mat that you can step on when you get out of the shower that can properly absorb water. Sorry ladies, an old towel is not going to cut it, not to mention be gross for your guests. Second, a shower curtain. Yes, it is most likely that your apartment will come with a generic white shower curtain that may or may not be stained. But a great way to spice up a room with your style is a decorative curtain on the outside. Most shower curtains are under 20 dollars and can be found at a local Target or Walmart.


Make sure that you have drawers that you can keep your folded clothes in. It is also important to have other containers and bins to keep your other miscellaneous items. 

Kitchen Supplies

This can incorporate so many different things, so make sure that if you are a crazy into baking that you buy what supplies you need accordingly.  You will need pots, pans, microwavable bowls, Tupperware, spoons, a knife set, and a selection of heavily used spices. You might need a coffee maker, a mixer, baking sheets, and blenders. There are plenty other items you might need to have in your kitchen. So it might be a good idea to make a list of what your family currently has and see what you would want to have from that list. For anything else, you might need to check out this kitchen checklist. 

Dishware and Silverware

You’re going to need dishes to eat all that yummy food you’ll be making…or ordering as take out. Paper plates can work for more casual things, but you are going to want to have your own dishware and silverware. Luckily, if you are living alone, that means you can get a much smaller amount of plates and silverware to start out. Make sure that you have enough not to have to do your dishes every night, but also that if you have guests over they have something to eat on.


If your college towels are anything like mine were, I am sure they have seen better days. Go to your local Target or Walmart to get new towels for your body, face, and hand towels for guests. If you need new sheets for your bed, this is a great time to pick them up!


Make sure that you get your first batch of groceries. It is important to remember that you will buy more food the first time you go out then you will most weeks. You might have to stock up on all your essential snacks, cans of soup, baking supplies, spices, and other miscellaneous items that you won’t need to buy all the time. Don’t forget to buy some toilet paper and paper towels while you’re out as well.


This is by far the most fun part of having your place; how you’re going to decorate it. Do you have a certain style, or a certain color scheme, or vision you want for your first apartment? Now is the time to make it happen. But be careful,


Your decorations should be last on your list for a reason. It is easy to accumulate decorations over months and weeks when you have more money. So choose a couple of items from your favorite craft store to spruce up your apartment at first, and then save up your money to decorate your apartment more each week or month. A great way to decorate your apartment for cheap would be to have a friend make some canvases with your favorite quotes or order some from Etsy. Don’t be afraid to put up lots of pictures or collages of pictures around your house where you lack some space.

I hope that your first apartment is everything you want it to be! More importantly, I hope that you aren’t too overwhelmed by this big step in your life.  Let us know if this article was helpful, or if you have any other suggestions for items first-time apartment havers might need in the comments below!


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