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NeoTech Care Maternity Pregnancy Support Belt/Brace Review


100 words, just a general introduction to the product and the need for the product.

Things To Consider When Purchasing…

150 – 250 words

● Briefly remind the reader of the problems that product category solves and why

one would seek to buy an item in it.

● Describe the ideal customer for the product category and who should not buy,

why and what they should buy instead.

● List the things the buyer needs to think about before buying the product

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Who Should Buy This Product

150-200 words

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product

150-200 words

Name of Product

200-300 words

● Give a brief description of what the product is, the promise that it makes and

what comes with it when you purchase it. also compare it to the market leader

and its previous versions.

○ Example: P90x is the little brother of the Insanity workout by the same

company. It ưclaims to help you lose fat and build muscle in just 90 days

by following a rigorous diet and exercise plan from the comfort of your

home. It is now the 3rd edition of this product and it seems like the major

changes with this iteration are better video production and aesthetics.

● Explain who that specific product is for and who it is not for

Pros and Cons

  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element

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Features and Benefits for Product

800-1300 words broken down into sub sections for each feature

● Now start going through the features or core principle of the product and write a

section for each explaining both how it performs/feel and why this feature is

important (what benefits it provides and how it helps solving the core problem)

○ Example: This laptop is completely fanless which is nice because it makes

it 100% silent (I like that when I’m traveling, often surrounded by other

people). However, this also means it can heat up a fair bit if the room is

too hot.

Insert ImageInsert Image

Social Proof From Amazon

50 – 100 words

● Say you scoured the internet and found some user reviews that seemed rather


● Include a screenshot of a few testimonials from users around the web (3-5) that

share their journey using the product

Insert Image


● list 3 alternatives available for the product

○ <insert alternative 1 here>

○ <insert alternative 2 here>

○ <insert alternative 3 here>

● For each of them write a paragraph or two on how they differ from the main

product reviewed (price, features, benefits, etc) and who should use it then

provide a bulleted comparaison list and a call to action for the reader to check the

alternative product out


50 – 100 words

● reiterate the problem the product solves and why it needs to be solved by the

reader (complications).

● give 2-3 reasons why the product reviewed is a great fit to solve that problem

● conclude telling people to click here to check the product out

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