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Myth Busted! Neutral Wedding Color Schemes Are Anything But Boring!

There is something special about simplicity. It is an unassuming beauty.

When it comes to color schemes, you can keep it simple by sticking to just a couple colors or even just a couple shades of the same color. But the epitome of color palette simplicity is neutrals.

Neutral colors often take a back seat when it comes time for a bride to select which hues will color her big day. They serve as complementary players rather than the shining stars. But it is time for that to change!

Contrary to popular belief, neutral colors can stand alone. Neutral colors are capable of elegance. And neutral colors are not boring!

We’ve compiled the most convincing evidence below to reveal the magnificence that is the neutral wedding color scheme:


Your wedding stationary will be the first glimpse your guests get into your wedding. The paper, font, and style will reveal much to your invitees about what they can expect from your big day. Neutral-colored invitations let the beauty of the announcement of marriage take center stage.

Bridal Party

The colors worn by the bridal party generally reflects the overall color scheme of the wedding. Between the color of their attire, the style of their shoes, and the metal of their accessories, they are basically walking wedding color palettes. These examples prove that the most colorful bridal party need not be the most beautiful.


If you’re really digging the aesthetic of the neutral color scheme for your wedding, invite your guests to join in on the action! Prompt them in your invitations to wear neutral-colored clothing to your big day. Or, simply ask everyone to wear the same color — such as gray or black or tan or navy blue — the avoid any confusion.


As you and your beloved are standing up at the altar, all your guests’ attention should be directed on the two of you. And there is a way to have a beautiful arch without it taking away from the real focus of the ceremony. It’s called neutrals!


Flowers are beautiful no matter their shape, size, or color! Rather than sticking a few token white or green plants in your flower arrangements to break up the more flashy colors, use all neutrals. You’ll be surprised how capable neutral flowers are of standing alone.


Decorating the tables at the reception leave an incredibly large amount of room for creative freedom (and sometimes less than lovely results). One look that will always stay classically timeless is neutral on neutral.


Neutral hints at a simplicity of color, but not necessarily a completely minimalist style. Go simple or go wild with your wedding cake. As long as it’s neutral, you can’t really go wrong.

Convinced yet? Even if you cannot envision yourself having a completely neutral wedding, it is important to carefully choose where to add your splashes of color. And in the aspects of your wedding that you decide to keep more neutral, you need not worry about them being boring. Neutral wedding color schemes are anything but boring, and everything that is beautiful.

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