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Newest Wedding Trend: Live Painting Cermonies

With the countless ways to record and capture your wedding ceremony, including taking photos, flying a drone, and even using a GoPro, there is one obvious choice that is just now beginning to get the recognition that it deserves. The newest wedding trend that is wanted by brides everywhere is live paintings. This trend perfectly captures the magically wedding ceremony and the overall feel of the day.

How could you not do this? The results are amazing and beautiful and is something that you guys will treasure forever.  You can choose to have a live painting during any part of your wedding, including the ceremony, the reception, and maybe even a pose for a portrait together. This painting is a great piece of art to hang in your first home that will help you remember your wedding day forever.

Each painting is truly unique because the subject and atmosphere of each wedding is always different. The idea of hiring a person to paint your wedding ceremony is super cool but you may be wondering what you can expect of the artist. Here are some questions that commonly come up with brides who are interested in hiring an artist to do a live painting at their wedding.

What Can I Expect From the Artist?

When considering an artist to do a live painting at your wedding, you need to first look at their style and determine what style you want for your painting. When meeting the artist let them know your general expectations, this includes style and colors, then after this, it is your turn to ask them questions. These questions should include but are not limited to; how much it will cost, how long it takes them to do a painting of the size you want, and how long it will take them.

How Much Time Will it Take Them?

For an artist to do a live painting of your wedding ceremony, it will probably take them the entire time. This should be a question for the artist when you meet with them, “Would you be able to do an #x# painting in x amount of time?”. As for the reception, it also depends on the artist, but most painters should be able to create a painting in four to five hours. This time, though, does not include the time that it will take them to clean up, so in total you should expect them to be at your wedding for six plus hours.

How Should Guests Interact with the Painters?

When first seeing the live painters, guests are going to be absolutely fascinated by this awesome idea. They will probably make remarks like “Ah, Steve, why didn’t we think of this for our wedding?” or “I can’t imagine being able to paint so well in a short period of time.”. Guests simply do not have to act a certain way, they simply just have to be themselves. The live painting will also serve as entertainment for them as they get to see all of the stages of the painting and how it is developed throughout the time.

Having a live painter at your wedding will add a special touch to your wedding and your life after your wedding. Photos and videos of your wedding are great, but a painting of the event is a little extra special because of the talent put into it. Also, the artists are able to pick up on moods and feelings at your wedding which they are able to incorporate in the painting itself. This new trend is one that we can see sticking around for a while because of how genius it is. The painting that you receive at the end of the night will become one of your most prized possessions and will definitely have its own wall at your house.

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