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The Night Of Your Life: How To Achieve A Night Wedding

There is this new trend out there… It is more to add romantic charm to your wedding, but it is becoming a trend… Have you ever heard of a “night wedding”? Getting married in the evening hours with the best darn lighting accents you ever saw is quite possible becoming the big trend! How can you achieve a night wedding, you ask? With these simple steps of course!

The Date

A night wedding would more than likely be outside, so you might want to do it during a time when your guests wouldn’t freeze! The sun usually set around 9pm in the summer and it gets dark in the winter around 5pm. Thinking about your date is more for the time of year! Research when you would want to set the time so that you can actually have a night wedding!

The Lighting

The lighting is what makes the wedding so romantic. Pick how you want to light up your ceremony so that your guests can differentiate where they are to be sitting. Have a lighted path way to your ceremony. Have the dance floor under an archway of trees lit with patio lights.

The Invitations

Make sure the invitations are dreamy and mood setting for your wedding. Let your guests know that you are indeed having a wedding into the late hours of the night. The invitation is the first thing that your guests will see about your wedding. Make sure your invitations make a statement about your big day!

The Decor

A night wedding is super simple. You don’t have to worry about having to place a lot of decor as it is more about the lighting. The decor is more or less the sprinkles of this event. It just makes your day look so much sweeter. Have sparks of color among your decor to really brighten the mood, like glow sticks!

The Favors

Your favors can be anything that you wish them to be, but how cool would it be to have little lanterns for each of your guests to carry through out the night and later take home for their own keepsake? Useful favors are the best! Whether you make your own or you buy your favors, your guests will enjoy them for more than just the night!

The Photographer

Be sure that your photographer is comfortable with low lighting and harsh contrast lighting in the majority of the photos. A photographer that doesn’t have experience with low-light photography, can poorly portray what you want to say through your photos. More than likely you will just get silhouettes rather than actual photos.

You also may have to play with your times of when you do your wedding photos with your families and your bridal party. You will want to remember every detail and your photos are there to help you with that! Don’t be afraid to be bold, sometimes those are the best photos!


Keep your colors light and soft. You don’t want to have your wedding party blend in with the night sky. Be sure that you keep your colors consistent throughout, add pops of color that will make your night shine even more!

How will you plan out your night wedding? Your evening will be magical and perfect if you ask me! A gorgeous star filled night accompanied by love and wedding vows! How cool does that sound? Think outside the box and enjoy your time thinking of all the possibilities. Happy planning!

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