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Nine His and Her Must Haves for Your New Home

I know what you are probably thinking.

His and Her gifts? Seriously? Isn’t that kind of cheesy?

Well, it depends on who you ask and what you are getting! Yes, maybe the matching his and her shirts that say “She’s mine!” and “I’m His!” is a little over the top. But there are some other cool and unique gifts that newlyweds would love.

Whether you are a bridesmaid in search of the perfect gift for your bride for her bridal shower, or are a bride herself looking for some homey and unique accents that you want to add to your home, there are some pretty cool options out there available for you to purchase! Consider some off these “His and Her” must haves that would make the perfect addition to any couple’s brand new home.


1. His and Her Batman Mugs

Click on the image to purchase this awesome mug set!

Are you and your honey a superheroes fan? Especially Batman? Etsy is a wonderful online shop full of creativity, and it certainly does not disappoint with these sweet mugs! If you want to wake up to warm coffee and humor every single morning, these mugs are a necessity on your list!


2. His and Her Ring Dishes

Click on the image to purchase these beautiful dishes!

The awesome thing about these dishes are that they do not only have to be used for rings. You can use these as soap dishes, small plates, or for table decoration! These dishes’ intricate design, penmanship, and creamy colors make it a sought after set!


3. His and Her Pilsner Set

Click on the image to purchase these products and more!

Looking for a manly drinking glass but a classy glass for the bride to match that as well? This cute and perfect glass set will meet any of your alcohol expectations and is the perfect accent for any upcoming house party or fiesta!


4. His and Her Pillowcases

Image Source:

Click on the image to purchase this matching pillow case set!

I know. Pretty cheesy. But if you are looking for a comfy his and her treat, this pillow cases will make you bed look even more special! Not only is it a private reminder of your new status, but every time you lay your head down at night, be reminded that you are loved by the person right next to you.


5. His and Her Serving Platter

Image Source:

Click on the image to purchase this gorgeous porcelain platter and other necessities!

This decorated Mr. and Mrs. serving platter is a homey reminder to you and your guests of your newlywed stage. Serve your favorite meals, desserts, or treats to the wonderful people that visit your home!


6. His and Her Ice Cream Spoons

Image Source:

Click on the image to purchase these matching engraved spoons!

The next time you and your better half sit down to watch your favorite movie together, why not eat some healthy ice cream (because ice cream is obviously healthy for you) while watching it? These matching engraved ice cream spoons give the added touch you need for your yummy snack!


7. His and Her Glasses

Image Source:

Click on the image to purchase these classy glasses among other products!

Need some classy cups to add to your growing collection of glasses from your registry purchases? These two are great to add to the mix. For your first few dinner dates, enjoy toasting to your new lives with these beautiful glasses!


8. His and Her Key Holder

Image Source:

Click on the image to purchase this nifty key holder!

This key holder is definitely a unique item that most couples would never think twice about! If you have a forgetful wife or an unorganized husband, this clever key holder wall hanging is the perfect solution for keeping track of your keys, while being stylish at the same time!


9. His and Her Beard and Butt Mugs

Image Source:

Click on the image to purchase these hilarious mugs!

Need a chuckle? These hilarious mugs will please any jokester husband and will give the pick-me-up any wife needs on a bad day! Snuggle up with some delicious hot cocoa or relax outside on a warm, summer day with some iced coffee! Either way, enjoy these mugs with your honey!



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