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15 Non-Floral Centerpieces That Are Making Florist Nervous

While flowers have always been the go-to choice for wedding centerpieces, you need not feel obligated to stick to that standard. Just like every other aspect of weddings, centerpieces evolve over time. As they become more modern, there is more freedom to stray from the traditional floral arrangements and to select something more unique and memorable to decorate that empty space in the center of the tables at your wedding. ‘Can’t picture anything but flower pots, petals, and posies? Look no further!

1. Photos

Old photos are not only meaningful, but also aesthetically pleasing! Feature pictures of you and your spouse from childhood — correlate each table number with pictures of you from that age. Honor family members who passed away — with some tables honoring your family and other honoring your spouse’s. Present them in frames on stands or however else you desire, but try to create some height.

2. Desserts

non-floral centerpieces

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‘Want to have your guests drooling from the minute they walk into the wedding reception? Allow your dessert to double as a centerpiece! If you were planning on having a buffet-style collection of desserts anyway, avoid long lines and slow waiters and place them right on the tables.

3. Candles

candle wedding centerpieces

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These functional centerpieces will also serve a functional purpose as the sun starts to set. Assemble an eclectic collection of candles of various heights, shapes, and sizes. Place the candles in glass votives, mason jars, and vases to maintain safety while increasing the class.

4. Books

book wedding centerpieces

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Calling all book lovers (you know who you are)! Head to the antique store or thrift shop and select some old books to serve as your wedding centerpieces. Old books are really pieces of art, not only for their literary value but for their visual appeal. Accompany a stack of books with a quote about love from one of them. For an added bonus, you get to add all these books to your personal library!

5. Leaves

Leaves on their own are nice, but they can seem most appropriate during the fall months. Extend their functionality to other seasons and styles of wedding by spray painting them. Select a metallic color that matches your color palette and spray away! To make this centerpiece even more impressive, present these upgraded leaves by using adhesive to stand them up straight on a wooden board.

6. Branches

You could just lay branches across the center of your tables, but what fun would that be? Place those branches in simple vases and adorn with colorful tassels, and now you have wedding centerpieces you can be proud of.

7. Fruit

fruit wedding centerpieces

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To tap into your inner Lord of the Rings- or Game of Thrones- style feast, form your wedding centerpieces out of bowls of fruit. The fruit itself is the easy part, simply select any fruit that matches your color theme or that is one of your favorites to eat. The more difficult aspect is to find an appropriately medieval bowl to hold the fruit; take your time to find a style that is just right, it will be worth it.

8. Herbs

Herbs: beautiful, aromatic, fresh, the perfect wedding centerpiece! Grow the herbs from seed well before the wedding to save on costs. Encourage your guests to season their food with these edible centerpieces. Allow one guest from each table to take the plant home — it will help them remember your big day.

9. Beta Fish

Did someone say live centerpieces? Yes, you can having living animals serve as your centerpieces. Any type of small fish that can survive in a small fish bowl will work. Beta fish are very colorful and majestic, serving as a great wedding centerpiece option.

10. Tea set

tea set wedding centerpieces

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Tea lover? Not a tea lover but can still appreciate the beauty of tea kettles, cups, and sets? Either way, finding various tea sets to serve as your wedding centerpieces is always a good decision. If you can collect several different antique sights, the eclectic mix between tables will get your guests looking and talking.

11. Games

board game wedding centerpieces

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For a multipurpose wedding centerpiece your guests will love, go for games! Put a different board or card game at each table. The tables will be known by the name of their game. Choose games that your guests can easily pick up and play at their tables while they wait for you to take pictures or for their turn to eat. These centerpieces will be appreciated by guests of all ages!

12. Bottles

bottle wedding centerpieces

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Oh, would you look at that, a message in a bottle! It reads, “You should use old wine bottles as wedding centerpieces.” And with those beautifully vintage colors and shiny glass, who can disagree?

13. Balloons

balloon wedding centerpieces

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Creating height with your wedding centerpieces will be no problem with balloons as centerpieces. Fill a single balloon with helium and attach to the center of the table with romantic ribbon or string. Be sure to place at a height that doesn’t obstruct the view of your guests.

14. Driftwood

driftwood wedding centerpiece

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For the beach wedding and the beach wedding-wannabes alike, set a piece of driftwood in the center of your reception tables and call it a day. Augment with bottles, burlap, shells, and sand to further the seaside vibe. Or spray paint with a metallic color for a more modern look.

15. Fake Flowers

non floral wedding centerpieces

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If you’re really dying for some sort of floral centerpieces but either aren’t willing to pay the price or really want to stray from tradition, try fake flowers. Make out of either paper or fabric for an alternative to the natural that maintains a similar look.

Have we convinced you yet that non-floral centerpieces are not only possible, but gorgeous? When you stray from the traditional floral variety, you options are as endless as the dollars you will be saving.

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