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How To Achieve The Ultimate “Non-Uniform” Bridal Party Attire

Matching bridesmaid dresses seem to be a thing of the past. There will always be new trends here and new trends there, but this one is quickly rising with popularity. But more than likely you have probably noticed the trend of not only the dresses not matching, but the actual dresses themselves not even being the same style. So how can you flow well into this trend?


Get yourself and your thoughts organized now, before everything hits. Get your thought collected, make your vision known. Write it down. Make sure that you have color patches with colors that you are thinking of using. Be sure to have a back up plan when it comes to your original. You don’t want to get through your entire plan and realize that it can’t be pulled off. Always CYA!

Complementary Colors

Think of or find complementary colors when it comes to what you think you want. Have a few different color schemes in mind to use. You don’t want to get your color scheme together and see that it looks completely and totally ridiculous. Complementary colors don’t have to be similar colors, they can be colors like, gray, black, and pink or mint, navy, and gold.

 Be Clear on Shade

There is definitely different shades for each color. There is more than one shade of black, there is more than one shade of gray, and there is more than one shade of white. Be absolutely, positively clear on what you want from each of your girls and which color shade that you want them to have.

Pattern are Great Too!

There aren’t just different colors, there are also different patterns. Whether that pattern is in the fabric or it is a different pattern of lace, the choices are endless. Patterns are a great way to diversify the color scheme if you want to break up the colors or unify them together. Try different lace patterns in one color or or try solid colors with some of your girls wearing patterned fabric.

Unifying Element

Think of a unifying element. Make sure that you have something that connect all the colors together. You don’t have to pick one style of dress or one style of fabric, just make sure that you have something that ties your look together. Make sure your dresses are unified in length or fabric type. You don’t have to have both unifying factors, you just have to have one or the other. Most of the time you’ll see brides with dresses, uniform in length and different fabric to give the impression of having a unique style.


Finding a dress is a tricky, but even more tricky is coordinating with with your maids to get the specified look that you want out of each of them. Make sure that you are clear with what you want from each of them. Plan a practical wedding and enjoy your day! Don’t let your thoughts get lost in translation. Make sure you are clear with what you need from each of your maids and you’ll be golden. Happy planing!

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