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Now You Can Have An Eco-Friendly Wedding!

Some brides strive to have a bohemian themed wedding, while other brides desire the old fashioned, vintage themed wedding. Some brides do not really care, and will just do whatever they want! But there are a few brides that are all about protecting God’s green earth, and who love to recycle and preserve this beautiful planet we called Earth.

Believe it or not, there are many different and cool ways you can incorporate recycled items, old items, or eco-friendly things on your special day that will reflect your feelings and values about the earth. If you are a recycle crazed bride and are looking for some creative and unique ideas for having an eco-friendly wedding, then look no more! Enjoy some of these cool ideas and items that you can have in your own wedding!

1. Have an Eco-friendly wedding dress, rent one, or reuse one!

Yes, there are eco-friendly dresses that are out there and that are available! Although they are not necessarily the cheapest, they are still made eco-friendly and are better for the environment! Whether the dresses are made locally with local resources or are made from cotton, there are plenty of dresses available! Click here to find out more.

Although this may not be ideal, renting a wedding dress is a valid option. Since it is for one day, someone else can reuse it later! Or even using your mother’s old gown and adding your own flare to it, or borrowing a friends is just as eco-friendly as buying a dress made with eco-friendly materials.

2. Wear all natural cosmetics.

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If you are all about protecting the environment, then using organic makeup (and not makeup packed with chemicals like many are), is one way you can contribute to the protection of our atmosphere. If you are a bride on a budget, then this may be a little more difficult, because protecting the environment is not cheap! But it is definitely worth it in the end when all is said and done. Click here for more information.

3. Choose local food and drink.

Especially if there is seasonal food you want to include in your wedding, eating and drinking locally will save fossil fuels and also shows that you support your community and the area you are from! Look into local vendors and ask if they would offer local food or ask if they would be willing to for you.

4. Send out eco-friendly invitations

Did you know there is such thing as seed paper invites? Using this recycled paper instead of the normal paper for Save the Dates is incredibly earth friendly and is encouraged for any recycling bride! Click here to shop for eco-friendly invites!

5. Reuse the ceremony flowers.

Why have flowers for the ceremony and the reception and the centerpieces? Take the flowers that you use for your ceremony and use them in your reception! This a great way to not only save money, but a great way to reuse!

6. Use Mason Jars!

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Instead of using vases or glasses that you specifically buy for your wedding, use mason jars that are totally reusable after your wedding! There are so many cool ideas for incorporating mason jars on your big day. Need a little guidance? Click here for some awesome mason jar ideas that you can use in your wedding!

7. Recycle at the wedding!

This is something simple that every bride should do! Make sure the venue will have not only a trashcan, but also a can for recycling as well. You can even make cute signs to hang above each to get the attention of your guests, reminding them to recycle.

8. Have bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again.

As much as we love getting dressed up in fancy-schmancy dresses that we will probably never wear again, it is definitely not practical. So if you want to help your bridesmaids out and not make them waste their money on a dress they will only wear once, then let them wear a dress that they could wear again someday! There are plenty of styles that can work for bridesmaids and still look good enough for a wedding. Need some styling ideas? Click here!

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9. Give an edible wedding favor.

Whether it be chocolate or small containers of honey, there are plenty of wedding favors that are edible and delicious, and that your guests will definitely enjoy! Click here for some wedding favor ideas if you are stuck on what to do!

10. Plant a tree!

Planting a tree is not only symbolic, but is also a great way to cultivate our green planet! Representing your marriage in that this tree will grow and continue to grow in fruit and life, all while helping the earth! So maybe in between your ceremony and reception, or during your ceremony and reception, have a small tree planting ceremony for this sweet and sentimental idea.

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