NUK 3-Piece Orthodontic Pacifier Product Review


The NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier Value Pack gives you 3 different pacifiers in one package.  Each pacifier has the unique NUK puller.  It is designed to fit your baby's personality.  The heart shaped shield fits under your baby's face and under your baby's nose to allow for no restriction of breathing.

The NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier is made from silicone nipples.  The nipples are made to fit your baby's mouth.  It has a scoop bottom so that the tongue has a place to rest, hence there is less pressure on the palate.  The manufacturer states that this is best for the healthy oral development of babies.

This pacifier is made for infants between 6 to 18 months of age.  Over 60 years ago, NUK invented the orthodontic shaped pacifier to mimic the natural shape of the mother's nipple while breastfeeding.  This pacifier was made to soothe and calm your baby while also using the best dental information available.

The weight of the NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier is 1.6 ounces with a dimension of 1.3 x 4 x 6 inches.

Background Information On NUK

Over 55 years ago a doctor and dentist came together to invent the first NUK orthodontic pacifier.  The purpose was to mimic the natural shape of the mom's nipple during breastfeeding.  They found that the baby's tongue compresses the nipple against the roof of the baby's mouth allowing the jaw to move naturally.  The movement inspired the orthodontic design of all of the NUK pacifiers.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • 3 Pacifiers Included
  • Shape
NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifiers, Boy, 6-18 Months
  • 3 NUK Puller Pacifiers in one pack - each featuring a unique design.
  • True orthodontic asymmetrical nipple shape - naturally fits baby's mouth
  • Integrated channels - less palate pressure

Parent Reviews


As of this writing there was 34 customer reviews left of the NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier left on Amazon.  I've read the reviews and condensed the results here in this report.  I hope that this makes picking out a pacifier a bit easier.



I didn't see any problems in the comments about safety.  However one parents did say this,

"Great quality. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is that the baby was able to puncture one with her teeth. Would buy again."



The majority of parents liked the price, and the fact that you get three pacifiers in the package.  One parent had this to say about the price,

"My 7 month old loves this type of pacifier. He is rather big for his age and the larger shaped pacifier fits his mouth a lot better than the soothie. Plus, what a great price for three pacifiers! I will continue to purchase if I need to."  



Overall, parents were happy with the shape, however a mom recommended being careful when your baby's teeth come in. Once your baby starts getting teeth, you should discontinue using these pacifiers. She said, 

"Perfect for a 4 month old. I have used NUK silicone pacifier for all 4 of my children. For each it is the only pacifier that fit perfect. My kids never rejected them like almost all other brands. It's the only brand I will use and the designs are a plus! However, I will say prolonged use will cause teeth to shift (one child was too attached). I was able to catch the thumb suckers overbite, and had to pull the pacifier away after using it while my son had his teeth in for about a year. They have since moved in place correctly but be careful. Do not use after the teeth are in because it can cause oral disfigurement."



Parents didn't have any complaints on the size of the NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier. This parent did make this observation on the size difference of the different NUK pacifiers.  

"I have the newborn size and when the end of one got mucky I decided I needed more. What I didn't know is that only the part that goes in the baby's mouth is bigger on these 6-18 month ones. But the style is the same, I like the ring on them, and the styles/colors are pleasant. My 6 month old, who is not religious about using a pacifier but likes it at times, shows no difference in preference between the larger and the smaller size."



The material is silicone.  This seems to be the most common pacifier material.  There are some natural choices out there like the Natursutten BPA Free Natural Rubber Pacifier. So, unless you are against using synthetic material, this is pretty much what pacifiers are made from.  I didn't find any negative comments on the material of this pacifier. 

My Conclusion 

The NUK 3 Piece Orthodontic Pacifier seems like your standard pacifier. There was nothing that made this pacifier particularly unique, but it still got the job done.  Parents did like that you got 3 pacifiers included in the purchase. I hope that my review helps you as you search for the best pacifier for your family. 

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