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If You Can Survive Labor, You Can Survive Nursing! 

The subject of feeding your baby has probably come up endless times throughout your pregnancy. Your spouse, doctor, and friends have probably asked how you intend to feed the baby when the little darling comes into the world. Some moms prefer to let their milk dry up so they can buy the baby store-bought formula. Other mothers continue to nurse until their children are almost big enough to walk. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Nursing has many benefits. It also has some qualities that you may find unappealing. A good-rule-of-thumb analogy is that if you can survive childbirth, you can survive nursing. Below you will find helpful information to aid in your decision.

Benefits to Breastfeeding for the Mom

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Faster Weight Loss

One of the biggest benefits that you can enjoy for making the choice to breastfeed is a weight loss acceleration. You are more likely to shed the pounds that you gained during pregnancy if you decide to go with six solid months of exclusively nursing. According to Louise Chang M.D., specialists conducted a study that proved this to be true. The study showed that many of the 25,000 people lost the extra wight in less than one month. You can save yourself a lot of time on the treadmill by just feeding your baby when he or she is hungry.

It Saves Money

One of the biggest joys of breastfeeding is that it can save you money. You have to spend enough money on clothing and supplies for the new addition to your family. As a new parent, that last thing you need is an additional expense because you chose to feed your child baby formula. You will easily spend $50 to $100 per month during the first few months, and you will need more formula as the baby grows. The cost of breastfeeding is $0.

It Saves Time

You do not have to boil, shake, or wait for anything to cool off when you breast feed. All you have to do is loosen your bra latch and serve your baby his or her natural bottle. You don’t even have to get out of bed if you are resting with the baby.

Closer Bond With Baby

Breast feeding creates a closer bond between you and the baby that formula feeding just doesn’t provide. Formula feeding cannot substitute the time that you spend holding the baby in your bosom so that he or she can listen to your heartbeat. Feeding from your breast can also help you connect if you have been experiencing postpartum apathy.

Personal Nursing Struggles

Breast Discomfort

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Discomfort is the biggest struggle that women have when it comes to breast feeding. Many of the babies bite the nipple because they are so hungry and do not understand that they are hurting their mothers when they chomp down. Newborns do not have teeth, but their bites are still quite painful. Dear mother, do not let the fear of getting bitten deter you from taking this intimate step with your child. You can learn how to place your nipple just perfectly so that the baby will not bite you. You will quickly gain techniques and knowledge to make the act as comfortable as possible.

Limited Nursing Areas

Another problem that could arise for you is that you may have limited nursing areas. You may not be able to find a place to go and feed the baby in a public restroom or business establishment. In that case, you may have to get creative and sneak off to your vehicle to give the little one some food.

Timing Issues

Timing can be a challenge when you are trying to perform other tasks. Some babies get hungry after only two hours while others get hungry every three or four hours. You will have to work your schedule around the baby’s feedings.

Nursing Benefits for the Baby

Stronger Immune System

One reason that you may be in favor of breastfeeding is that it can also strengthen the immune system of your child. The baby will receive just the right amount of nutrients from you to help him or her to fight off diseases, bacteria, and allergies. And in consideration of allergies, you will never have to worry about your child being allergic to your breast milk. Formula users cannot say the same thing; some parents struggle to find a milk type that does not make their baby vomit or have diarrhea.

Strong Bond With Mother

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Your baby will enjoy feeling your warm bosom and listening to your heart beat. He will grow closer to you every time you hold him in a protective manner. Most children have some kind of bond with their mothers, but such bonds don’t even come close to the bond that you will feel with your breast-fed children.

Tips for Effective Nursing

Armed with just a few tips, your feeding sessions can be both a period of bonding and of effective nursing. Firstly, eat healthfully and take all of your recommended vitamins. Almost everything that you take in gets passed to the baby through breastfeeding. Please do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use any other substances without speaking to your doctor about it. Next, consider switching breasts each time you feed the baby. You stimulate your breasts every time you feed the baby, producing additional milk. Lastly, take your time and allow your baby to do the same. You will get used to each other eventually, and feeding will become increasingly more comfortable.

Hopefully, you will choose to go the natural feeding method. There is nothing more precious than nourishing your child with the natural formula your body produces.

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