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Delicious Treats that Help to Beat the Heat at Your Outdoor Wedding

People come together for weddings in the name of love. But, people survive weddings with the assistance of food and drinks. Such nourishment becomes particularly essential during outdoor weddings. While these blissfully natural affairs are beautiful, they are not without their logistical struggles. Between the bugs, the elements, and the temperature, outdoor weddings present hurdles no indoor affair has to consider. Enter those lovely food and drinks. Ensure that your outdoor wedding is enjoyable for yourself and all that attend by serving refreshing snacks and sips!

Before the ceremony:

refreshing wedding snacks

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While it is not necessary to offer refreshments to your guests before the wedding, it is a nice welcoming touch. Some individuals have traveled a long distance and will appreciate the opportunity to recharge in order to enjoy the festivities of the day fully.

  • Fruit
    Fruit is always relevant. It could fit in any of the following categories. Present chopped fruit on skewers for guests to enjoy, or set out with bowls and toothpicks. Keep backup supplies cold and replenish when necessary.
  • Veggies
    We realize this list is starting to sound like a health plan, but cold fruits and vegetables make for some of the most refreshing appetizers. Set out slices of cucumbers, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, various peppers, and other finger food for your guests to snack on.

During the ceremony:

refreshing wedding snacks

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Food and drink during a wedding ceremony is relatively unheard-of. Break the mold! Outdoor weddings are a unique beast, and thus all traditional rules go out in the window in the name of keeping guests healthy and happy.

  • Water
    Hydration is key for warm outdoor weddings. Your guests will appreciate a cool beverage to sip on throughout your ceremony as the sun beats down overhead.
  • Mints
    Select a peppermint- or spearmint- flavored mint for optimum refreshment. Sit at the seats of your guests for them to enjoy at their leisure during the ceremony.

Between the ceremony and reception:

During the waiting period between the ceremony and the reception, your guests stomachs will start to growl. Help hold them over until the meal is served with some appetizers. Keep these appetizers refreshing and light in order to prepare your guests for the long night ahead rather than make them dream about a nap in their bed.

  • Shrimp
    While shrimp can be prepared in a variety of ways, keep it cold for the purposes of an outdoor wedding appetizer. Serve it with chilled cocktail sauce and you’re done!
  • Deviled eggs
    Either you love them or you hate them. But no one can deny their protein power that will satisfy your guests’ stomachs and body for the upcoming night of festivities.

During the reception:

refreshing wedding snacks

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Wedding receptions typically share one common thread, food. Whether that food is catered or homemade, restaurant- or buffet- style, and breakfast, lunch or dinner, is up to you. But, guests will most likely count on this stage in the wedding for nourishment and refreshment, particularly at a warm outdoor wedding.

  • Salads
    And we don’t mean the garden green variety. Pull out the potato, macaroni, and pasta salads. They are the perfect side dish for an outdoor wedding, particularly when the temperatures are getting sky high.
  • Dips
    The number of dip recipes are almost as varied as the number of stars in the sky. While the hot and cheesy versions may not be the most refreshing, prepare your favorite cold chip dips for your guests. Cold bean/corn/pepper, salsa/sour cream, and guacamole are all suitable options.

After the reception:

refreshing wedding snacks

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You may want your wedding day celebrations to last all night long, but your guests will quickly putter out if you don’t keep them energized with food and drink.

  • Ice cream
    Hey, you already ruined your diet between the dinner rolls, chocolate cake, and iced tea. Take full opportunity of your cheat day and eat some ice cream! There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of licking an ice cream cone on a warm summer night as the sun becomes only a memory. Rent an ice cream truck, create a sundae bar, set out a bunch of gallon tubs and let your guests go wild — you can’t go wrong.
  • Cookies and milk bar
    While cookies and milk are a timeless treat, the former packs a significantly smaller punch than the latter in terms of refreshment. Put the emphasis on the beverage by creating a milk bar, with regular, strawberry, and chocolate milk to accompany various types of cookies.

Rather than attempting to provide your guests with refreshments at every juncture throughout your wedding day, select a few key times to bless their body and soul. A couple carefully prepared snacks will be much more desirable than many ill-stocked and poorly tasting ones. Ensure that your outdoor wedding is all that you want it to be and more with the help of refreshing food and drinks!

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