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Thanks, Mom and Dad: Gifts for Your Parents on Your Wedding Day

Who was very influential in the molding of your character? Who has nurtured you since birth? Who gave you your sense of humor, facial features, and character traits? Who has stood by you through the ups and downs of life?

Typically parents or guardians fill this role. Or, even if your parents were absent, hopefully another older and wiser individual stepped in to fill that role in your life. No matter if they are your biological parents or unrelated parent figures, they have guided you this far in life. And while they may be enormously excitedly for you to get married, they will also have some degree of sadness as you move on to this next, more independent stage of life.

Use your wedding as an opportunity to express your gratitude for the role your parental figures played in your life thus far. Also, it is a nice gesture to recognize your new parents, your in-laws, to reveal your joyful anticipation for joining their family. Look below for some ideas for gifts to give to your father figure, mother figure, mother-in-law, and father-in-law on your wedding day. Click on the images to purchase each of these thoughtful symbols of your love and appreciation.

Thanks, Dad

Dad: your protector, the first man you ever loved, a friend, an advisor. Dads come in as many shapes and sizes as snowflakes, but they share one characteristic in common, an intense love for their children.

Cuff links
wedding gifts for father
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Give your dad something meaningful to accompany his spiffy tuxedo on your big day.

Photo frame
parent wedding gifts

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What is a wedding without pictures? Anticipate the flood of pictures that will be taken of you and your father and give him a frame to feature one of his favorites.

Mason Jar cups
parent gifts for wedding

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When you give your dad a Mason Jar cup, you give him a memento from your big day that he can use everyday afterwards.

Tie clip
wedding gift for father

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Is your old man less than comfortable dressing so fancy for your wedding? He might forget to get a tie clip! Help him out with this aspect of his attire.

Thanks, Mom

Mom: a nurturer, your shoulder to cry on, your biggest fan, the always available mentor. Moms are the jack-of-all-trades individuals that hold a family together, assuming the roles of chef, teacher, nurse, and hair stylist.

parent gifts for wedding

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If you can count on anyone being emotional on your big day, you can probably count on your mom. Give her a bracelet to comfort her and reassure her of your love.

Photo frame
wedding gifts for mother

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Moms love pictures, there’s no denying it. Give her a frame that she will set atop the fireplace mantle (with the other 50 showcasing you and your siblings).

Candle holder
wedding gift for mother

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A candle holder is a unique gift option for your mother that will serve as a functional, yet meaningful, fixture in her home.

wedding gift for mother

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Did we mention yet how sentimental moms are? If you really want to push her over the edge into tears, give her a book detailing what you love about her.

Thanks, Mother-In-Law

You may not know very much about your mother-in-law, but you do know one thing. She raised the person you love, the person you are about to marry. And that is reason enough to thank and appreciate her with a gift on your wedding day!

Key chain

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For a memento from your big day that she will always have on her person, give your new mother-in-law a key chain!

wedding gift for mother in law

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This simple yet beautiful bracelet not only shows your gratitude, but can easily become a staple in your mother-in-laws jewelry wardrobe.

Jewelry box
wedding gift for mother of the groom

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Why does it seem like all mother-in-laws have a large collection of jewelry? Even if your new mother is not a jewelry person, this box can serve a variety of purposes — from holding jewelry to hiding chocolates to decorating her dresser.

Tote bag
wedding gift for mother in law

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Another classic mother-in-law tool is the tote bag. Give her another to add to her collection, but one that will help her to reflect on your big day and that she can show off to her friends.

Thanks, Father-In-Law

Father-in-laws can be intimidating, but its always good to keep one thing in perspective. You are taking his child away from him, a person he loves and cares about. So if he seems standoffish, remember his sacrifice and give him your thanks.

parent wedding gifts

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Just in case he sheds a couple tears on your wedding day, give him a handkerchief to play it safe.

Key chain
wedding gift for father in law

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While it may be difficult to express your love and gratitude in person, you can easily do so on a key chain!

Coffee mug
wedding gift for father in law

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Even if he doesn’t like coffee, he’ll find some use for this cool coffee mug.


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Dads wield a very particular type of humor. Show him that you can keep up with this funny t-shirt.

Weddings are an emotional day for everyone involved. Don’t forget about how significant this day is for your parental figures. Use this event as an excuse to express your love and gratitude with gifts like those above!

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