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‘Merica: Patriotic Wedding and Engagement Photos You’ll Love

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little American spirit! In fact, taking pride in this beautiful country we get to call home is one of the best things we can do as a nation. Whether it be celebrating the heroes that are the reason we are safe and protected today, or simply writing a thank you letter to our president or someone in the Senate for all the hard work they do for us ever day, celebrating the United States of America is a wonderful thing to do.

So why not embrace your inner patriotism and show it off in your wedding photos? Or even your engagement shoot? There are so many incredible ideas that are available nowadays when it comes to shooting photos with your better half, so you better believe there are some pretty sweet ideas when it comes to embracing our American heritage. If you are considering do this, check out some of the awesome photos below!


The Patriotic Engagements

Before you go off and get married, and possibly move away from your hometown or to a different country even, why not commemorate your roots? Never forget where you came from!


The American Bride

For the navy wives, the air force moms, and the army fiances, we salute you. And even if you are not a wife or daughter of someone in the United States military, we still salute you for being a wonderful, American woman. Embrace your heritage and flaunt your inner patriotism with confidence, brides!


The USA Weddings

It is a time to come together and celebrate the newlyweds. But for some couples, their wedding is more than celebrating each other. It is celebrating the bride’s father who is currently serving in the military or the groom’s sister who is an army veteran. It is celebrating the freedom that we as Americans have to marry whomever we please. And what a glorious freedom that is!


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