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15 of The Prettiest Up and Coming Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is such a lovely time to have a wedding.  Everything is new, from the flowers coming up outside, to the migrating birds that return to their summer homes.  New life is all around us during Spring.  A Spring wedding can signify a new life begun together between two people.  It’s a great time to capitalize on all the new things that are happening all around us.  I’m going to go over some Spring wedding decoration and decor ideas that you may want to use at your wedding.

Straw Bales With Quilts For Seating

spring wedding

If you have an outdoor Spring wedding, hay bales covered with quilts and pillows can add a nice country touch for seating.  I recommend straw bales over animal feed bales such as grass or alfalfa.  The straw will be cleaner and have less of a chance of mice holes or mold in them.  The nice thing about straw bales is that you can arrange them into many shapes to look like furniture.  You may want to shape them like couches with armrests and a back, or simply line them up in rows like benches.  Then drape quilts or blankets over them.  Pillows aren’t necessary but can add to the look.

Pastel Wedding Colors

spring wedding

For your wedding colors, pastel colors look so fresh and delicate in the Spring.  Light Pinks, Baby Blues, Pale Yellows, and Light Lavenders all make nice Spring Wedding Colors.  It can especially look nice when your groom wears a pastel boutonniere to match the wedding party colors that your bridesmaids are wearing.


spring wedding

Spring is a great time to serve up some lemonade at your wedding.  You can choose from the traditional pale yellow to pink lemonade.  Lavender flowers in the lemonade can add a delicate and colorful touch.  I recently helped out at my friend’s daughter’s wedding.  My job was to be in charge of filling up the pink lemonade glass dispenser.  The guests lined up in droves for the pink lemonade.  It was a continuous line all night for the lemonade.  Ice cubes in the lemonade will keep it cold.  A variation could be a lemonade stand instead of just setting it on a serving table.  Make sure to have a large glass dispenser for the lemonade so that your guests can see the pretty lemonade color.

Baby’s Breath in Mason Jars

spring wedding

Fill up mason jars with baby’s breath or another type of flower and put them on each guest table.  You can also put the jars on the food table, cake area, and anywhere you’d like at the reception hall.  You may want to let your guests take them home at the end of your wedding.

Tulips in Tall Glasses

spring wedding

Tulips have such a fresh look and look even look more vibrant and fresh when placed in a tall glass.  Add just a touch of water at the bottom so that the flowers don’t wilt.  Make sure to leave the stems long so that people can enjoy both the bud color and the green stalk color.

Flower Arches

spring wedding

Line up flowers over entrance ways or make a garden type of arch entrance to your wedding. Hydrangeas and roses can look elegant and add a Spring Victorian look to your big day.

Cake with Fresh Florals

spring wedding

Placing flowers on your cake can turn your cake into a masterpiece.  Adding fresh peonies or roses onto your cake can add an extra touch of Spring.

Garland Centerpiece

spring wedding

A table garland can be just what your table needs to brighten up your wedding.  Pink hydrangea and monstera leaf table garland adds extra color and looks like Spring.

Potted Flowers

spring wedding

Potted flowers add a Spring look to your wedding.  Line up potted flowers onto your table to brighten up your centerpiece.  If you want a rustic look, you could place your flowers in small buckets.  Choosing colorful flowers is an easy way to brighten up your wedding day.  You may want to give out the flowers to guests as they leave the reception.

Spring Bridal Bouquet

spring wedding

Using a Spring bridal bouquet is a great way to have a Spring wedding.  Peonies, hydrangeas, a variety of roses, seeded eucalyptus, and eucalyptus all makes a nice Spring bouquet.

Balloon Décor

spring wedding

Place balloons where guests will be entering.  Choose bright and colorful colors if you want an extra Springy look.

Rose Ceremony Backdrop

spring wedding

Tying roses onto thin string can add creativity and a Spring feeling on your wedding day.  Tie the string onto something firm above where the couple will be standing during the ceremony.  Make sure that your string is very thin.  Then, tie little roses onto the ends of the string.  When completed, it should look like the roses are floating in midair.

Hanging Plants

spring wedding

Add some green to your big day by hanging plants at your wedding.  Flowers that are white, pink, and purple are good colors to pick.  Green plants, such as herbs, also add a Spring look.  Most weddings have flowers that are on tables, so by hanging green plants, you are adding a unique touch of Spring.

Potted Cake

spring wedding

Instead of a cake stand, place your cake inside a pot to create a masterpiece on your wedding day.  For added cuteness, decorate your cake with roses, anemones, and vines.  Since this cake will have a lot of decorations, it is best to have your cake be one color, such as white or pink frosting.

Upside-Down Roses

spring wedding

To make your wedding unique and creative, hang some roses.  This could look good above the buffet bar, or above where your guests will be sitting during the reception.  For added creativity, add votive candles in bubble orbs.  Make sure the roses are firmly tied to the ceiling to prevent them from falling.

Final Thoughts

Spring is all about colors and new life.  Any way that you can think of to bring the colorful freshness of Spring into your wedding ceremony and reception is going to add life to your big day.  I’ve given some ideas for a Spring wedding, but don’t be limited by these suggestions.  Think outside of the box and have fun with bringing a touch of Spring to your wedding.


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