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You Can’t Stop Mother Nature: Periods on the Wedding Day

First things first, do not freak out. It’s your wedding day. Deep  breaths.

Okay, you can freak out a little bit. It is okay to cry. Totally acceptable.

Now suck it up buttercup. Because it is possible that you are going to have to deal with the problem of getting your period during the weeks of the wedding chaos, or maybe it is your wedding day and you are currently reading this and are having to deal with this awful problem right this instant.

In all real honesty, there is nothing you can do to completely get rid of it. You can’t tell your body “No!” and expect your period to be delayed. But there definitely are some steps and precautions you can take to help prevent this from happening as best as you possibly can, and some tips for dealing with your period if it comes the day of your big day.


How to Attempt to Prevent Your Period If You Are Expecting It On Your Wedding Day

No matter how hard you try, how early you started birth control before the wedding, how much you planned your wedding around your period so you would specifically not get it, your period will sometimes still come and go whenever it pleases. But if you suddenly freak out because you realize for some reason that your period is off schedule and you now might get it, try some of the suggestions below to help the situation and possibly prevent it.

• If you are not on birth control, go to the doctor two weeks before your wedding. Why two

weeks? Well, if you go to the doctor and explain the predicament you are in, they will most likely prescribe pills for you that will begin on a Sunday. The hope is that because you are taking pills two weeks before your period may “supposedly” come, that it will delay your period. It is obviously not 100% foolproof, but hey, it is worth a shot!

• If you are in fact on the pill, skip the week that breaks your period. When it comes to the week that your period arrives, stop taking your normal pills and start using different ones (obviously schedule an appointment with the doctor and make sure this is okay for you). The hope is that your hormones are incredibly high that it will stop your period for a week, and then for the future, that your period will arrive when your honeymoon is ending. Once again, make sure this is approved by your doctor.

• Pray. Yup. Sometimes that is all you can do.


How to Deal with Your Period When It Arrives Unexpectedly on Your Big Day

First off, I am so sorry. This must be incredibly frustrating for you and it must suck, to be blunt. But you can get through it! I totally believe in you.

• Tell your soon to be spouse. You need to be honest with them and let them know what is going on. If you both have a chance to talk about it, it might be good for the both of you to see what the other person is thinking as far as the honeymoon is concerned.

• Take care of it. Whether you use tampons or pads, make sure you take care of your body and take care of your period. Be wise when it comes to leaving tampons in (it does not matter if you are in the middle of pictures or eating, be smart!) and not forgetting about them. There is also something called a menstrual cup, which can be used and placed in the vagina, covering the opening to your cervix. Each one is different for how long you leave them in, so just be sure you read the directions before using one.

• Enjoy your wedding day, night, and honeymoon week regardless of what happens. The last thing your fiance (and soon to be spouse) wants is for a mopey, newlywed wife. Put a smile on your face and enjoy your day, because it is a special one! Enjoy your wedding night, whether you have sex or not. Some women enjoy sex when on their period because it provides an extra lubricant and is less painful. Other women are incredibly uncomfortable, so if you are in pain, do not make it worse for you! Only do what your body feels okay doing. And most of all, enjoy being married! The honeymoon week is supposed to be a week to remember. Do not let a lousy period ruin it for you.



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