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The Secrets to Planning a Wedding in 6 Months

When you only have 6 months to plan you wedding, you must learn how to prioritize. Some aspects of your wedding need to be taken care of as quickly as possible while others can be completely ignored. We’ve started your prioritization with the below checklist! Feel free to make adjustments to fit your preferences and style, but be aware that some of these areas do not allow for wiggle room.

1. Save the date

You can’t move any further until you decide on a date for your wedding. Look over you and your fiancé’s calendars, consult with both sets of parents, and check with close friends before moving forward. Weekends, and Saturdays in particularly, are usually prime wedding real estate. Opting for a weekday will give you more options as you move forward with the planning process.

2. Set a budget

While planning a wedding last minute will reduce some of your options, it need not increase your expenses. If you are willing to be creative and flexible, you should be able to spend no more money than if you had planned with double the time! Set a budget you are comfortable with, get a list of all the necessary expenses, and divide the money accordingly.

3. Book the venue (s)

Time to get creative! Of all the aspects of the wedding planning process, booking the wedding venue may present the biggest challenge. Look into holding your wedding at a public park, and just be sure to get the proper permits. Call upon a friend with a big backyard. After the wedding, send a professional cleaner or quality gift as a token of your appreciation.

4. Send invitations

At the 6 month mark, there is really no need for save the dates. Go straight to the wedding invitations and get them in the mail as soon as possible. Or, go for a digital option that allows guest to RSVP immediately. Resources such as Paperless Post allow you to send beautiful invitations from the comfort of your computer and for a seriously reduced rate!

5. Say yes to a dress

Most bridal salons will need at least 8 months to order and fit your gown. While many salons can expedite that process for a fee, you can also turn to alternatives to keep your price down. Designer sample sales or ready-to-wear shops will let you take the dress home the same day! Custom-made dresses can also be prepared in mere months if you can afford one.

6. Book your vendors

Now that you’ve got the basics figured out, you need to secure your wedding vendors. Thankfully, due to the large number of individuals employed in the occupations of DJ, caterer, baker, photographer, florist, and more, you should have no trouble finding someone to do the job.

When it comes to your wedding cake, go to a small, local baker or opt for alternative dessert options that can be bought in bulk. For some ideas, check out our articles Wedding Cakes that Break the Cake Mold and Not the Biggest Fan of Wedding Cake? Have No Fear!.

Otherwise, you can interact with your wedding vendors just like any other bride would. The key is just to get them booked for your big day!

7. Find an officiant

While the officiant is an individual of great importance on your wedding day, you should not have too much difficulty finding someone to fill this role. If your first pick isn’t available on your wedding date, you and your man probably have multiple people of your acquaintance that can officially seal your marriage. And if worst comes to worst, a friend can get ordained for free online!

8. Get legal

Wedding planning is all fun and games, but you must also consider the legal requirements that will officially make you man and wife. Check out our article to answer all your questions about how to officially become a Mrs.

9. Everything else!

Numbers one through eight on this priority list are essential. Now it’s time to take care of any additional details that will ensure that you have a dream wedding. Acquire decorations, figure out transportation, select accessories, give your caterers a final head count, figure out hair and makeup… At this point, take a deep breath. Complete as much as you can but don’t stress yourself out trying to make everything perfect. There is only so many DIY projects you can do in six months!

While time constraints can make the process more difficult, planning a wedding in six months isn’t all bad! It consolidates any stress, worry, and cold feet into a short period of time. Make the best use of your time by focusing on the necessities through prioritization. Get creative, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, and look forward to your wedding day that is only six months away!

Be less stressed when planning your wedding!

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