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The Ins and Outs of Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Plus size bridesmaid dresses are taking the world of fashion by storm by creating jaw-dropping styles that are perfect for any and every bridesmaid. Bridesmaid dresses these days come in all sorts of styles, colors, lengths, and fabric. Bridesmaid dresses are at the top of their game these days giving brides endless choices in bridesmaid attire. Compared to two decades ago, the plus size clothing industry has grown immensely providing clothing for women of all figures. From Davids Bridal plus size bridesmaid dresses to dresses that you can find at your local boutique, the perfect plus size bridesmaid dress is right around the corner. Below will be the analyzation of the different colors, fabric, and styles that plus size bridesmaids dresses come in. By using the information below, we guarantee that your bridesmaids will look gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as the bride of course.


Color is perhaps the most important aspects of a bridesmaid dress besides the dress size. Choosing the perfect color consists of finding one that matches your wedding and is flattering to all who wear it. Here are some of the top colors for plus size bridesmaid dresses.









Purple is a flattering color that looks great on almost every skin tone imaginable. The color of royalty, purple is perfectly fitting for a wedding that aims to offer luxury to their guests, and to the bride and groom of course.  Plus size purple bridesmaid dresses are one of the more common color choices because of the rich color and its ability to compliment any complexion.


Plus size black bridesmaid dresses are a great choice for any plus size bridesmaid. Not only is black an extremely flattering color, but it is also the definition of classy. If you want to add some class to your wedding day, a black dress for your bridesmaids is a paramount choice. Another great thing about a black bridesmaid dress is that it is impossible for it to clash with any accessories or other outfit staples, unless you are one of those people who thing navy and black clash.

Royal Blue

Along similar lines with a plus size purple bridesmaid dress, plus size royal blue bridesmaid dresses add a sense of luxury and class to a wedding party. The deep, mesmerizing color will be the perfect pop for your wedding photographs and will work well with the skin tones of your bridesmaids. You can’t go wrong with royal blue.


If you are wanting to add a sensual, sexy aspect to your wedding party,  plus size red bridesmaid dresses are the way to go. The most passionate of all colors, red is an exciting color that will aid in keeping your guests awake and making your plus size bridesmaids look absolutely amazing. If you contrast the bright red with a simplistic black and white background, your bridesmaids will be the perfect pop of color to your wedding day and photos.


Dreaming of a wedding on a beach? Plus size coral bridesmaid dresses are the perfect answer to your questions of what color dress to have your bridesmaids wear on your big day. Coral is a color that can be both tropical and traditional, perfect for any kind of wedding. It looks especially beautiful when paired with a blue or silver. This color for your plus sized bridesmaids will be great for complimenting their figure because of its ability to be both a dark and light color.


Plus size teal bridesmaid dresses will give your bridesmaids a fresh look. If you want a bolder look with the teal dresses, pair it with a bright orange or yellow. On the other hand, if you have an image of tranquility for your bridesmaids on your wedding day, gold or light blue accessories are more up your alley. Teal is a convertible color that can either be bright and bold or relaxed and peaceful.

Fabrics and Textures

Plus size bridesmaid dresses come in all fabrics and textures to match the theme and feel you want for your wedding. Although this is a fun aspect to decide for your bridesmaids, you have to be sure that the fabric is comfortable, this will make for a happy bridesmaid. For other ways to make your bridesmaids happy, click here.


Plus size chiffon bridesmaid dresses are a great for plus size bridesmaids because of its flowy, light material. Chiffon, as a fabric, also has a the ability to hit all of the right places, so thats a huge plus. It is no wonder why chiffon has been the fabric of choice for bridesmaids and brides everywhere.


If your wedding has a romantic or rustic vibe to it, consider dressing your bridesmaids in plus size lace bridesmaid dresses. Lace is a fabric that instantly makes any moment full of romance. Small-printed lace tends to be more flattering to more types of figures and body shapes, while large-printed lace tends to accentuate figures. Lace is the perfect solution for any bride having troubles finding a fabric that clicks with the feel of her wedding.


Satin is a great choice in fabric for a plus size bridesmaid dress because of its natural sheen. It is an especially eye-catching fabric because of the way it seems to shine in any light. Satin will give your bridesmaids a sensual,                  va-va-voom look for when they walk down the aisle.


Tulle is a super fun, flirty fabric that will give your wedding a whimsical atmosphere. This fabric is also nice and light which will allow your bridesmaids to be comfortable and feeling free in their dresses. Tulle is a fabric that is mostly seen in the skirts of dresses that have an A-line or ballgown frame. This fabric can fit perfectly into any wedding theme so do not hesitate to make this the fabric of choice for your plus size bridesmaid dresses.


Sparkles are a girls best friend, right next to diamonds, but I do not think that it is a coincidence that diamonds sparkle. Sparkling bridesmaid dresses are feminine and super flirty. Not only will there be a twinkle in everyone’s eyes on your wedding day, but there can also be a twinkle on your bridesmaids! Sparkles are a trendy choice of fabric for your bridesmaid dresses that will distinguish your wedding from the others. Click here for more sparkle inspiration!

Stellar Styles

Style is everything when it comes to putting your plus size bridesmaids, or any bridesmaid for that matter, into something they love and feel comfortable in. Picking a dress that your bridesmaids will be comfortable in will ensure that they will have a boost of confidence when they strut their stuff down the aisle.



High neckline dresses like illusion neckline dresses have become a popular choice in plus size modest bridesmaid dresses. Before the last couple of years, dresses with high necklines were often thought of as old-fashioned and out of date, but they have definitely come back with a boom! Trendy high neckline dresses will be a great modest and cool choice to put your bridesmaids in.


Anything with a V-Neck is guaranteed to make the wearer look both slimmer and taller. We do not know why this happens, but we will take what we can get. The V-Neck is the perfect both bridesmaids who are and are not plus size because of how bangin’ it will make everyone look. You can’t go wrong with the classic V-Neck.


Peaking there popularity in the 2000’s, strapless dresses are a flattering neckline choice that fit every body type. Especially flattering for those who have nice broad shoulders, strapless dresses have a way of balancing everything out. This classic neckline will look nice on every and any bridesmaid.

Sweetheart Neckline

If your bridesmaids are particularly lacking in bust size, a sweetheart neckline will make them extremely happy because it will give them a little extra help in that department. A classic sweetheart neckline will flatter bigger busts also, which makes it a great choice for plus size bridesmaids because of their busty blessing.

With Sleeves

Plus size bridesmaid dresses with sleeves come in all different types. You can decide to have a bridesmaid dress with long sleeves, cap sleeves, off-the-shoulder sleeves, cut out sleeves, and the list goes on and on. A bridesmaid dress with sleeves is perfect for a fall or winter wedding to ensure that your bridesmaids don’t suffer too much for the sake of fashion.

One Shoulder

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses give a Grecian goddess look to your bridal party. This type of dress is popular because of how they flatter all shoulder types and complement all bust sizes. Choosing a one shoulder bridesmaid dress will make your bridesmaids pop on your big day, especially if you choose a royal blue or gold color.



An A-line frame is widely known as the most flattering dress frame because of how it hits your body where it is tiniest and them goes out in an “A” line from that point. This is an especially complimentary frame for plus size bridesmaids because of how it enhances their figure.


A cupcake dress is a flirty frame that emphasizes the legs. If your plus sized bridesmaids have legs to die for, make sure to consider dressing them in this frame. Cupcake dresses normally emphasize the waist and then ends at the knees.  This frame  will give your wedding photos a fun feel that will reflect the happy feelings felt on your big day.


Maxi bridesmaid dresses are probably the most comfortable style of bridesmaid dress that you can choose. Maxis have an empire waist which will be flattering for any bridesmaid who is fuller on the bottom than up top. Because of this design, maxi dresses are especially comfortable and freeing due to their lack of a figure.


Similar to a maxi dress, a dress with an empire waist hits right below the waist and flows from their. Typically this area is marked with beading or a different color which catches the eye. This frame is very complementary to plus size bridesmaids because of how it flatters the lower half of the body.

Prices, Prices, Prices

Cheap plus size bridesmaid dresses are not impossible to find. Although there may be an added cost for the extra fabric, you can find plus size bridesmaid dresses cheap. Doing your research will aid you immensely in your search for the best plus size bridesmaid dress. Start here to begin your search!

Under $100?

Yes, it is possible to find plus size bridesmaid dresses under 100 dollars. If you are searching for plus size bridesmaid dresses under 100, the best place to search is both online and in stores such as at bridal shops like David’s Bridal or even at department stores like JCPenney.

Under $50?

Have bridesmaids who are especially on a budget? Perhaps still in college or paying off loans? Have no fear, there are definitely plus size bridesmaid dresses out there that you can get for under 50 dollars. The best places to look for cheap plus size bridesmaid dresses under 50 are department stores like JCPenney and online stores such as JJsHouse

Final Tips

Here are some final tips for finding the best, most figure flattering dresses for your bridesmaids:

  1. Do not go with too large of a print, big print=bigger looking
  2. Choose a flattering form
  3. Darker colors are the most complementary
  4. Take your bridesmaid’s skin tone into account
  5. Accentuate your bridesmaid’s best assets

Congratulations! You now know everything you need to know about choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for your plus size bridesmaids! You have the tools for finding the perfect combination of style, fabric, and color that will be the most complementary on your bridesmaids. With these tips, your plus size bridesmaids will look drop-dead gorgeous on your big day! No matter your choice of dress for your bridesmaids, and no matter how great they look, the guests will be staring at you the whole wedding because you are, after all, the beautiful bride!

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