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Prepare Yourselves For Wedding Season…

New year, new you, right? Wedding season is around the corner. If you’re getting married in the peak season, you’ve probably been executing your wedding plans through the off season. If you start now and your wedding is in June or July you should have some things checked off your check list… But what are the things that you will need to do yet before your big day?

What You Should Have Checked Off The List

More than likely you should have your venue (for your ceremony and your reception), your dress picked out, and your caterer. These things are big, hot market items. If you’re ahead of the game you could also have your photographer and your DJ. The sooner you have all these big items marked off, the better!

What You Still Need To Check Off

So, if you’ve got all your big items checked off the list, you’re good! It should be smooth sailing from here. The first thing you should check of your list, if you haven’t done so, should be bridesmaids dresses and alterations for their dresses and yours! Also, don’t forget to think of hair and makeup!

What Should You Be Doing In The Meantime?

In the meantime, when all of your big ticket items are checked off and all of your appointments are made, you should start by organizing and deciding. What do you want your centerpieces to look like? Where do you want certain decorations placed? Create a schedule and pick out your music and make an itinerary for your reception.

Things That You Can Work On

If you are making your favors, centerpieces, or DIY-ing anything, be sure that you take your time and work on things like that over the duration of time before your big day actually hits. Getting the stuff done in bits and pieces allows you to get each individual DIY project done and allows it to look spectacular.

Tie Up Those Loose Ends

As your wedding planning comes to an end, be sure that you have all your appointments made and all your alterations completed. Make sure that your DIY projects are done. Go through your checklist and be sure that you haven’t missed anything.

What They Don’t Tell You

On the actual day of your wedding, there will be things that go wrong, there will be things that are overlooked, there will be mishaps. But the most important part of the day? Getting to marry the love of your life is the main goal!



Make sure that you get your hair trimmed every eight weeks leading up to your big day. You want you hair to be maintainable, to hold curls, and to hold well with hairspray. Be sure to make an appointment in advanced a least a week before your big day if you color your hair. Don’t forget your appointment for your wedding hair too!


Stay hydrated. Make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and fresh looking. If you’re getting your makeup done, be sure to have an appointment set for that too!


The hydration thing works for your nails too! If you don’t wish to have acrylics put on and you are a nail biter, try painting your fingernails. The nail polish deters you from actually biting your nails and may help you grow them out! Don’t forget to make your nail appointment either!

You’ve got all the details. You’re in the look on what you need to do yet. Wedding season is a real thing and if you’re getting married or are apart of a wedding, you should take this seriously. Plan and prepare for your upcoming nuptials. And the best thing about getting everything done before the wedding actually gets here, you don’t have to stress about it later! Get on the wedding season train and keep chugging away! Happy planning!


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