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Proposals Written In The Sky That Will Make You Cry

Skywriting proposals are some of the most romantic, and expensive, ways to ask someone to spend the rest of their life with you. The skywriting industry has gotten millions of dollars through this romantic gesture. Here are some of our favorite skywriting proposals that are sure to make you cry.

Central Park Proposal

This may be a low quality video, with lots of finger over the lens action, but it is a high quality proposal. Just imagine being proposed to in front of hundreds of people in central park!

Skywriting in India

This is one of the most beautifully executed skywriting proposals. In the video you are able to see it be written out and the proposal at the end!


Kind of Skywriting

This isn’t exactly skywriting, but it is a romantic proposal involving someone moving a plane in a specific way to spell out marry me!

Just for Fun

Just for fun, here is a hilarious clip from impractical jokers of where they did something extremely embarrassing by skywriting.

Although the cost of skywriting starts at $3,500, it is well worth it for how romantic this gesture is. How could they say no when you are writing how you feel in the sky, in front of who knows how many people? Skywriting proposals are the most romantic in all of history because of how public you are making your feelings for one another.

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