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The Pros And Cons Of Purchasing A Baby Swing, Bouncer, and Rocker

I’m going to give some pros and cons between a baby bouncer, swing, and rocker in today’s article.  Each type has its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.  But first, let’s identify what each type is.

Identifying the Types

Baby Bouncer:  A baby bouncer is a motion-powered baby seat.  It is usually smaller than baby swings and baby rockers.  When the baby wiggles around, or if you give them a little bounce, the bouncer will vibrate for a couple of minutes.  Then it will wind down to a stop until it is humanly powered again.

Baby Swing:  A baby swing is mechanically powered and usually takes up a larger amount of space than a baby bouncer.  They will swing for as long as the swing is turned on.  Baby swings generally cost more than baby bouncers and baby rockers.

Baby Rocker:  There are two kinds of baby rockers, and they are bassinet rockers and baby-sized rocking chairs.  The word rocker can also be used to describe an adult sized rocking chair that an adult rocks a baby in.

Pros and Cons of each Type:

Baby Bouncer:

baby bouncer


  • Less Expensive
  • Less Space


  • Won’t Keep Your Baby Moving, Like A Swing
  • Not As A Efficient At Putting A Baby To Sleep

Baby Swing:

baby bouncer


  • Puts Most Babies To Sleep
  • Can Calm A Baby Down Quickly

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  • Most Expensive Of The 3 Types
  • Takes Up More Space

Baby Rocker:

baby bouncer


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Takes Up Less Space


  • You Have To Rock It
  • Not Able To Be Powered Mechanically

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered the differences between a baby bouncer, swing, and rocker and also went over some pros and cons of each.  While each type is different in its own way, each has its advantages and disadvantages.  Many parents like to have one of each type so that you are equipped for several situations.  A bouncer is more of a wide-awake kind of seat, while a swing and rocker are often used to lull a baby to sleep.  When in doubt, and if you have the funds, why not buy all three?   I hope that this article helps to clarify the differences of each type and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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