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The Pros And Cons Of Live VS Fake Christmas Trees

Now that the Christmas season is finally upon us, you can feel free to decorate your house to your heart’s delight. No one can tell you that it’s too early for Christmas music, to put up your tree, or hang the stockings, Christmas time is here. But, one of the most significant debates of the holiday season is this, should you have a live Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree? Today we are going to go through the pros and cons of each option so that your family can make the right decision.

A Live TreeChristmas treePro #1: The Experience

There is nothing like going to pick out the Christmas tree with your family. Debating with your kids and husband over the best one for the living room, and then being able to chop down and bring your tree home. Not only are you getting a Christmas tree, but you’re also having quality family time. This is especially important as your kids get older.

Pro #2: The Smell

Fake trees just can’t smell the way that a real authentic Christmas tree can. The fresh scent of pine, the feeling of the sap as you put on the ornaments, and the smell that will waft around your house until Christmas day.

Pro #3: Cheap

Getting a real Christmas tree is going to be cheaper than buying a fake Christmas tree. You won’t have to break your budget just to bring Christmas to your family.

Con #1: It’s Hard Work

It can be hard to lug your tree back to your house, especially as you and your spouse get older. Many places help you rig the tree to your car but don’t help you put it up in your house. Though this can be a happy time for your family, it can end up being a day that you and your spouse dread.

Con #2: Hard To Maintain

Yes, there are perks of having a real Christmas tree, but it can be hard to maintain. You have to regularly sweep up pine needles and water your tree each day. It is also going to be difficult if your animals are always climbing the needles or drinking the tree’s water. Just make sure that you have time to invest in caring for your Christmas tree. If you have smaller children, you may just not have the time this year to put in the work of having a live tree.

Con #3: Hard To Clean Up

Instead of just putting your Christmas tree easily into a box after Christmas, you have to lug your Christmas tree out and throw it away. Luckily, most suburban areas have a particular trash truck that will pick up your tree, but you may have to go out of your way get rid of it.

A Fake Tree

Christmas tree

Pro #1: Easy Set-Up

Most fake Christmas trees on the market are put together in three easy steps. You simply bolt in the bottom, and then correctly screw in the three different body elements of the tree. This is going to save your family a ton of time, and a lot less bodily strain.

Pro #2: You Can Put It Up Whenever

If you are someone who likes to put their tree up earlier in November, a fake tree is the way to go. Even though you can decorate the rest of your house and wait to get your tree, we all know that the tree is the focal point. It’s not really Christmas until the tree is up. A fake tree gives your family the flexibility to put it up and take it down at your leisure.

Pro #3: Easier On Ornaments

Because you can bend the tree branches on fake trees, they tend to hold your Christmas ornaments a lot better. You won’t have to worry about replacing bulbs that have fallen, or fear that an ornament will break. It will make your ornament hanging experience a whole lot easier.

Pro #4: Long-Lasting

Sometimes it takes families two or three Christmas tree lots to find a tree that works well for them or is the right size. However, a fake Christmas tree can be picked out online or in a store and measured exactly to fit your living room or family area. Not to mention, it can last you for years to come.

Con #1: Missing Smell

It doesn’t smell like a real Christmas tree. However, there are many scent sticks or air fresheners that you can purchase to put on your fake tree if that bothers you. But, your Christmas tree will not feel as real as a real Christmas tree, obviously.

Con#2: You Can’t Pick It Out With Your Family

But, you can still put the tree up together. This actually may be a much less stressful process than cutting down a live tree and transporting it to your home. All that being said, you will not have the experience of picking out a tree as a family and making a day of it.

Con #3: Price

Pre-lit Christmas trees can be pricey. Make sure that a fake Christmas tree is in your family’s budget before you invest in a fake tree. Do keep in mind that this tree will last you for several years so spending that extra money could pay off.

Con #4: Technical Issues

Just because you buy a tree that is pre-lit, doesn’t mean the lights will always work. No one wants the lights and tree to stop working on Christmas Eve, so you may want to have some extra lights handy just in case. Lights can burn out on a live tree too. Though these trees last longer, you can’t always predict when they will stop working, so make sure that you get a fake tree that will last.

As you can see, there are plenty of positive and negatives about getting a fake vs. live tree. What is important is making the right decision for your family. Talk it over with your kids and spouse, and see what they would like. Whatever you decide, I hope that you have a beautiful Christmas tree sitting in your living room this year.

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