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Pros And Cons Of The Top Dating Apps of 2018

Looking for online dating, but don’t want to pay the price? Many of the sites out there for online dating, like Match, eHarmony, ChristianMingle, and many more, can cost up to 30 dollars a month for users. If you are someone who is in college, a young adult, or just poor, you may not be able to afford those options. Does that just mean you should stay single and alone? Of course not! Today we are going through the top four most popular dating apps that are currently on the market. I hope these can help you to find the love that you are looking for.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an online dating app founded in 2012. The founders of the app realized how exhausted singles were. There was entirely too much ghosting, swiping, and miscommunication happening with online dating.

How it works: Each day at 12 men receive 21 “bagels” that they have the option to either pass or like. After that, ladies receive a curated list of men that are closest matches to them, which have expressed interest. You are only able to see the men you have liked that have also liked you back.

Coffee Meets Bagel only lets its users interact for one week at a time because they believe that meeting face to face is the only way that a real relationship will move forward. They created the #LadiesChoice, which means that men are unable to message a woman unless she has also liked or expressed interest in them.

What Sets It Apart: It focuses on women not having to guess how men are feeling. It also gives men the ability to connect or put their efforts into women who are interested.


Now I know that there are already a lot of impressions and misconceptions about Tinder out there in the world, but we are going to be as honest as possible in our review today. Tinder in many ways was the first dating app of its kind.

On Tinder, the app shows you people in your area who are already members. From there, you can swipe right if you are interested in someone and swipe left if you are not. If you and a person both swipe right, it’s a match! You can only chat with people who have matched with you.

Tinder has been trying to rebrand itself in recent years, from the hookup app that it is known to be, as being an app where people can get into real relationships. Another plus of Tinder is that you can use the app or set up an account to view people online.

What sets it apart: It was the first to modernize online dating through an app service. It introduced the idea of swiping to match people and gave us the ability to view dozens of available people in one sitting.


This up and coming dating app is all about connecting you with someone you’ve crossed paths with.

Here’s how it works, everytime that you pass a Happn member on the street, in a café, at the gym, etc., they pop up on your screen. You have the option to pass or match with them. If you both match, a conversation can begin. Its core idea is to match you with people in your area that are right in front of you and ready to be in a serious relationship.

What sets it apart: It only pairs you up with people that you see in real life or have encountered in some way. You are only allowed to message people who have matched with you. This app is great if you live in a big city or town, and have many young people that you encounter every day, but might never see again.


Bumble is a unique dating app being that it isn’t just a dating app. You can also use Bumble to make friends and find social connections.

Bumble is one of the only dating sites that require women to make the first move. Their tagline is “life is short, make the first move.” Bumble, like Tinder, includes swiping through your matches and swiping right on people you are interested in. If you match with someone, as a woman, it is your job to start the conversation. After 24 hours, the match expires if you don’t reach out.

What sets it apart: Bumble is the first app to put the ball entirely in the ladies court. Boys are not able to message girls unless they have been messaged first. They do have the ability to swipe right and use a feature called super swipe to clue a girl in that they would be interested in talking. So, if you want an app where you don’t have to worry about a guy ghosting you, Bumble is a great option. However, if you are more introverted or shy, you may not be able to make the first move.

As you can see, there are plenty of perks to every dating app that we have presented to you today. What matters most is what dating app you will feel most comfortable with, and actually, use. I wish you the best of luck as you start to explore the world of dating apps!

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