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Pure Bliss: Waiting For Your Wedding Night Is Worth It!

An upcoming wedding is sure to be one of the best days, for the bride and groom alike. But, it is important to remember and understand that the wedding is one day, but your marriage is for the rest of your life. It is important the bride and the groom go into this marriage on the same page, fully in love, and with the same intentions on how to treat and respect one another for the rest of their lives.
This article is meant to inspire confidence and genuine love towards your pending spouse. The bride and groom need to come to agreement and total commitment that you are his and he is yours for the rest of your lives. It is a very beautiful part of yourself to share with just one other.

There are many different forms of love. Whether it is social love that the couple displays in front of other people, or the kind that no one else gets to see. This is perhaps the most important form of love: the physical, and most especially, the secret. Sharing your body with your husband should just be between you and him, no one else. So why is it a good idea to stay pure before you get married?

1. How do you love each other?

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From that day forward, it is you and him, just you two, when it comes to being alone in bed, enjoying and loving what the other has to offer. When you both decide to commit to each other, it is important to step back from whatever form of physical love you both have shared up to that point and really assess how your lives are going to be from now on. Physical love and attraction are important, but you need an emotional love and connection to carry you both through a lasting marriage.

Step back from the physical and focus on each other. Ask yourself, “How am I going to make a lasting commitment to him?”, “What will our lives be like when we are older?”, “Do we have more in our relationship than the physical?”. These are the types of questions you need to reflect on before making the huge plunge.

As stated above, there are many different kinds of love. Many of those types are alive and well outside the bedroom. This next statement is not meant to scare you, but physical love does fade after a while. So you need to be sure that you both have a connection outside of the bedroom. That is so important in a happy and long lasting marriage.

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2. You are meant for him, and he is meant for you.

One of the meanings of wedded bliss is that you have one another to have and to hold for the rest of your lives. There is no rush to speed things up because you are at the starting line. Your courtship, engagement, and marriage are not sprints, they are true marathons, so there is no necessary need or wise reason to rush into anything. You want to approach your marriage with the happy thought that he is yours to have for the rest of your life.

You will get to know every detail about him, from the good to the bad, everything in between, and most especially, his physical expressions towards you. And he will get the very same from you. Both your pasts do matter, as long as you both understand that when it is just you two, it stays between you two. In bed, all your focuses should be on each other and how to make the other happy. That is wedded bliss. To go to bed with the same person every night and know you are only thinking of each other.

So why another reason to wait? Because sex is an incredible thing, but it should be shared between one man and one woman who are soulmates. If you are engaged and are getting anxious, think about how worth it and wonderful it will be after your wedding, when you never have to say goodbye ever again!

3. You are worth the WAIT!

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This is perhaps one of the best advice that anyone can give an engaged couple. Staying pure before the marriage will only bring you closer once your rings are on and the wedding is over. You can be with each other, celebrating the sacrament and promises you have just made to each other, with no worries in the world. You can truly enjoy your first night together as husband and wife and fully know and understand how good it feels to know you waited for that perfect moment.

Remember, you are worth the wait, and so is he. When you rush into the physical relationship too fast, it will feel awkward and forced because neither of you have made promises or commitments to each other. When you wait for your wedding night, your promises really mean something because you have professed your love over and over again in front of friends and family. Nothing was fake and everything feels so real and so special.


To all the young brides out there, wait until your wedding night to fully share yourself with your new husband. Let him be only for you, and you for him. Alone, just you two, as it was meant to be. Do not rush the physical aspect of the relationship because you think it will make you both closer. Without the commitment of marriage, it will not mean what you want it to mean, and it will not necessarily bring you closer.

It is not worth sharing your body with someone you do not intend to be with. You deserve better and you deserve a husband who will worship your body and respect you for it. Respect your body and respect his as well. Respect your marriage, wait for your wedding night to share yourselves with one another for the first time.

There is no need to rush your relationship, do not let yourself feel pressured or tempted. It is difficult, but well worth going the distance for. Sex is amazing and is worth waiting for, and you do not need to hide anymore, all you will feel is love and celebration. I promise that it will feel even more special than you imagined.

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